Believing is power, the Cádiz CF subscriber campaign that pampers the oldest faithful

Cádiz has presented its second season of subscribers in First and it has done so by announcing a renewal whose prices will vary according to the conditions of each fan who will be able to do everything digitally in the Cadista’s first fully digitized campaign.

The COVID was the culprit that no Cádiz fans attended the stadium last season but it is expected that all of them can access with their mobile phone and it is also clarified that the subscribers who paid last year, that amount is deducted and discounted for the present with significant discounts, very different from the high prices imposed for new subscribers . Therefore, from the Cadista entity continues to pamper, and much, the loyal followers that have been subscribing for several years.

In this campaign, under the slogan “Believe is power”, the prices of the tickets are of the First Division but it is awarded to those fans who have been partners since the time in Second B and also those who renewed last year and have not been able to see their team due to the pandemic. Therefore, the seniority in the card is a succulent benefit and an award in this campaign that runs close to street football and with a clear motto on the line of “The fight is not negotiated.” Therefore, since 90 euros to 470 euros The renovation prices for the Cadistas faithful are around. The new ones who want to join First they will have to wait for the seats that are free from the July 15, not before, and they could pay 1325 euros for a seat in the Low Tribune (the most expensive) or 450 for a bottom season ticket.

Cádiz players going to Carranza.
Cádiz players going to Carranza.

From the club there are no forecasts of whether it will be possible exceed the number of 16 thousand subscribers but it is expected to exceed and reach the limit established by regulations. “We have not made forecasts of any kind but we do know that there is a number of which We cannot pass that it is 17,500 subscribers because there are tickets that you have to have for sale and I think we will get closer to those figures, “said the President Manuel Vizcaíno who also maintained that one of the doubts is to know how much public will be able to go to the stadium but it is expected that “it is the most normal to what we are used to.

The deadlines for Subscription renewals open this Monday 21st and everything will be done digitally. Renewals of places in the same locality: from June 21 to July 12, leaving the changes of localities for the 1July 3 and 14 and new subscribers in all available locations from the July 15.

Cádiz has taken a digitization step and it will be the first time that the club has a digital subscription and that the fan can enter the field with your mobile phone. “Is a innovative subscriber campaign, all with an online process and there will be no necessary attention except logical or physical needs. It is the idea of ​​continuing to advance, thanks to an agreement with the League and the English Court to have the latest technology. The purchase of tickets will also be online and through the website “. They are words of Rafael Contreras who was appointed executive vice president of the entity, in the areas of innovation, sustainability and digitization and whose mission is to give the club an absolutely XXI century touch.

“What we want is get closer to the people on the street, It is the beginning of the new details of the experience that the subscribers want to have a whole digital experience, a relationship and a communication with the different stadium, “he said. Raphael. And for the sake of this approach, the club has issued a video in which children’s soccer is defended and in the street, that of a lifetime, with the appearance even of Magical Gonzalez.

The prices for new subscribers seem, a priori, the most expensive in recent years, but without a doubt the most satisfied and happy are the subscribers of a lifetime who will pay almost the same to see the Cádiz against Madrid and Barcelona than what they paid a few years ago to see Linares. And it is that as Vizcaíno said, “the total free prize could not be, but subscribers who come from Second B will continue to be privileged. For us they will remain sacred no matter what category the team is in. We are clear about the atmosphere we want in the stadium and especially with those who have been with us the longest “

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