Bellona Kayseri Basketball call to the fans

Bellona Kayseri Basketball invited the fans to meet with Neve David Ramla in the FIBA ​​Women’s European Cup tomorrow before the Group D match 3rd week.

In the invitation made from the social media account of the yellow-red club, it was stated that the club had the most difficult days in its history.

The statement emphasized that despite all kinds of negativities, efforts are being made to represent the city in the best way in Europe, and the following statements were included:

“As it is known, we have increased our chances of leaving the group by winning the second match of the European Cup. Tomorrow we will fight with Israel’s Neve David Ramla team at home. We need you, our supporters, in this important match. We invite you to the Sports Hall. We are waiting for all our fans to the Kadir Has Sports Hall with the Turkish flag for the match, which will start at 17.45 tomorrow.”


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