Bellona Kayseri Basketball’s name changed

The name of Bellona Kayseri Basketball, one of the Women’s Basketball Super League teams, was changed to Melikgazi Kayseri Basketball in the extraordinary general assembly.

The extraordinary general assembly of Bellona Kayseri Basketball was held at Kadir Has Congress and Sports Hall. At the general assembly, it was announced that the debt of the club was 4 million 503 thousand 392 liras.

Yakup Yüksel, İbrahim Somtaş, Sinan Karaoğlu, Serhat Sarıalp, Furkan Ergüneş, Tuğran Akdağ, Hasan Öztoprak, Serhat Solak, Nadire Erdoğan Arık and İbrahim Bozdağ were elected to the board of directors in the general assembly, which was held with a single list.

In the general assembly, the bylaws were changed and the name of the club from Bellona Kayseri Basketball was changed to Melikgazi Kayseri Basketball.

Speaking at the extraordinary general assembly, Melikgazi Kayseri Basketball Club President Yakup Yüksel said, “Our team is a national and international brand. Together with our friends, we are in the effort of how far we can take this team. Thank you to everyone who supported us financially and morally. We care about the infrastructure as well as the first team. Our girls achieved great success in the youth infrastructure last year. We have a very valuable team there. We have an academic teacher at their head. Our goal is to recruit athletes from the youth team to the A team every year. We made big changes in the technical team of the first team. We have established a young and dynamic staff with a modest budget. Our foreign athletes also came. Next week, we will hold the last pre-season friendly matches here at the Erciyes Cup tournament,” he said.


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