Benzema, about to renew with Real Madrid until 2023

The Frenchman ends his contract next year and the club wants to ensure his continuity for another year. The pact is not signed, but the agreement and the harmony are almost total

Karim Benzema is about to close his renewal with Real Madrid until year 2023. If nothing goes wrong, before the end of the season the new contract of the French forward will be signed, who ended his contract in 2022 and who has received the call from Madrid to extend it one more. A recognition for a Benzema who is giving an outstanding performance and who continues to have the strength to play in the minimum white team until he is 35 years old.

Madrid, with this one-year extension, remains faithful to its policy of expanding year by year to players over 30, only that in the case of Benzema they have decided to advance the deadlines a bit and not wait for the player to enter his last year of contract, as have been the cases of Ramos, Lucas or Luka Modric.

The agreement between the parties, if nothing is distorted, will be signed before the end of the season, since the harmony is total. It has been a constant since Benzema signed for Real Madrid that the renovations have been done quickly and efficiently, without controversy and without discussions in the middle. In this sense, from the club they point out that the French is one of the simplest players when it comes to carrying out these operations. Because since Benzema He signed for Madrid in 2009, he has never knocked on the club’s door to ask for a chip increase or a new contract. It has been Madrid that has always knocked on Karim’s door, who has never put a bad face on the proposals that have been made to him. Its renovations, in fact, are done expressly because there are hardly any modifications to what the white club raises.

Benzema was clear that he wanted to continue at Madrid minimum until 2023, as he said in the press conference prior to the Atalanta game. “If the president wants to renew me, my door is open,” said the Frenchman, who has been very aware of the Olympique de Lyon, who dreams of signing him for his retirement. That possibility is not ruled out, but it will have to be at the earliest in 2023, when Karim is on his way to 36 years.

Right now, Benzema is a essential footballer for Real Madrid. His physical condition is optimal thanks to his professionalism and his scoring records are the best. Without a doubt, the Frenchman still has a lot to contribute to Real Madrid and has become one of the best signings in the history of Real Madrid. For 36 million euros, the white club acquired a striker who has been in Madrid for 12 years and who is the fifth top scorer in club history. With this extension and 16 goals from Santillana and 34 from Di Stéfano, it is not unreasonable that he becomes the third top scorer in the history of Madrid, behind Cristiano Ronaldo and Raúl González.

The top scorers in the history of Madrid

Karim Benzema has always been accused of not being a killer, but his numbers belie that legend. The Frenchman is already Madrid’s fifth top scorer and can become the third with this extension.

  1. Cristiano Ronaldo 451 goals
  2. Raúl González 323 goals
  3. Di Stéfano 308 goals
  4. Santillana 290 goals
  5. Benzema 274 goals
  6. Puskas 242

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