Beth Daboll and Marie Schoen: The wives of New York Giants head coach Brian Daboll and general manager Joe Schoen describe life behind the scenes

Beth Daball and Marie Shawn talk about their lives as the wives of New York Giants head coach Brian Daball and general manager Joe Shawn; Watch the Giants take on the Philadelphia Eagles in the NFL Playoffs live on Sky Sports NFL at 1:15 a.m. Sunday.

Beneath the surface of the revamped New York Giants franchise, there are hidden figures pulling the strings needed to change the culture on any NFL team.

Between themselves, they willingly took on the unwritten, informal, but perhaps necessary task of translating the milieu their husbands seek to establish between the lines into backstage life.

The pair arrived in New York just weeks apart last offseason when Sean and Duboll were torn from the Buffalo Bills to lead a new era of giants, since then Beth Duball and Marie Schon have been looking to complete the playoffs with harmony and unity which can be hard to find support networks for those pursuing the ultimate goal on TV every Sunday afternoon.

“It was our first rodeo as wives in these roles, and I imagine it would be hard to do it with someone you don’t know,” Daball said on the Her Huddle podcast. “We are building things from the ground up, especially after Covid, which hasn’t been in previous years – no one’s fault, except that we didn’t have the opportunity to do so due to health restrictions – but are bringing back public works projects. , volunteering, bible study, other things for significant others in this institution to make us feel more like a family.

“Everyone is involved, everyone in the building is important, and support is important for their loved ones. It comes from every aspect of the building, from the kitchen staff to the people who keep the locker rooms clean and everything is running at a high professional sporting level. .

Highlights from the New York Giants' trip to the Minnesota Vikings in the Super Wild Card game.

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Highlights from the New York Giants’ trip to the Minnesota Vikings in the Super Wild Card game.

“All families are important and as important as the work of our husbands. Tish and Mara’s family embraces this, as they treat everyone. That is how the whole building feels welcome and loved, and we enter. The culture in this team is: love each other, play hard for the guy next to you, dig deep and give it your all, and when you know the person next to you cares about you, you try harder for each other. .”

Beth Daboll notes that every Tuesday the team hosts a family dinner to bring coaches, staff and players together with their partners and children, and vice versa. Even if just 30 minutes before they focus on preparing for the Giants’ next opponent, Beth stresses the importance of quality over quantity, where she says Coach Daball excels.

While their husbands shape a new era for giants in their first experience of life in high positions, Beth and Marie do their part to ensure a smooth path for those in the background.

“About six weeks ago, Isaiah[Hodgins]came to visit us from Buffalo, so we are trying to place his wife with the wives of other players who could hug her and make her feel comfortable,” Sean said. “She came to the Bible study three days later.

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