Betis closes its renewal campaign with 46,374 subscribers

ANDl Betis The deadline for subscribers to renew their card for the 2021-22 season closed last Tuesday. A campaign that has been developed entirely digitally, completing a process that the Verdiblanco club had begun years ago, and that has ended with extraordinary results, exceeding all expectations.

97.5% of subscribers have renewed their card

The number of subscribers with a seat for this next course has reached 46,374, while the total number of members, which includes the categories I am Betic (526 registered), Palmerines (981) and Thirteen Bars (231), who are not entitled to a seat in the stadium, amounts to 48,112. Thus, 97.5% of last season’s subscribers have renewed their card.

To these must be added the quota of members who did not renew their card last year and who were able to keep their seniority number and the price for this season, now activating their card again. Betic partners have opted for the modality League + Europe in 77.7% of the cases. These figures show the enormous enthusiasm of the Verdibalncos fans to be able to return to watch the games in the Benito Villamarin in a season with three competitions.

No new registrations until the authorized quota is 100%

In the next few days the Betis will carry out the process of seat changes, family reunification, seat request (for members who could not renew last season) and registration request for card holders I am Betic of the 2020/21 season, through the online appointments already sent. The intention of those responsible for the club is that the vast majority of its subscribers can attend the games with the limitations set by the health authorities.

The objective is not to be forced to establish shifts, so a new registration process will not be opened until 100% of the stadium capacity is available (except those of the tickets I am Betic Y Palmerin, already open). The Betis, in the note informing about the closing of the campaign, he thanked “the enormous loyalty of the Betics, especially in the difficult times that we have had to live.”

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