Betis come for Shaq Moore

Shaq moore is one of the most coveted pieces in the showcase of the Tenerife Y Betis comes for her. The verdiblanco team wants the American side, who is currently contesting the gold Cup with your national team, be the replacement for Emerson Royal after his departure to Barcelona and they are already probing their possible incorporation with the Blue and Whites.

The US website USMNT News Now even reports that Tenerife has already received an offer of 2.3 million euros for Moore, which could thus return to the top flight of national football after two notable seasons at Heliodoro.

The 24-year-old North American player arrived on the island in the summer of 2019 from I raised. In his first campaign, the ownership alternated with Luis Perez, currently in the Valladolid, but the last course was that of its final emergence. He played 41 games (39 of them as a starter) and contributed notably to the defensive improvement of Tenerife closing his band.

Is about a very physical player with a long history in the band, allowing you to move up and down the right-handed lane countless times. He joins the attack frequently and his passes from the right were one of the weapons most used by the Blue and Whites to create danger in the opponent’s area.

Juan Carlos Cordero extended his contract until 2024 in the summer of 2020 and right now he is one of the basic players in the schemes of Luis Miguel Ramis and in the aspirations of Tenerife to try to be one of the leading teams in the Second Division.

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