Betis is reunited with victory and raises its level of play

ANDl Betis has obtained a victory of prestige and level in his best game of the preseason and against a Premier adversary like Leeds United. The Betics had in the first half the aim that they lacked in previous friendlies, where they reaped two consecutive defeats, to be able to sentence in a second period that was adjusted by the uncertainty of the scoreboard until the final whistle. The green and white team showed their good offensive qualities last year. On the negative side, as in front of the Derby County, an error of a own attacker in defensive zone, it propitiated a rival goal. A Betis that has a couple of friendlies left before starting LaLiga. It picks up rhythm and tone. Good sensations.

Manuel Pellegrini, like Marcelo bielsa, I bet on a eleven very recognizable. Even with absences in defense, the team showed that speed in the transitions and continuous arrivals that helped the Andalusian team to finish in the top six last season in the League. So what Betis started losing. An ex like Junior firpo, as active in attack as lukewarm in defense, crossed from the left wing so that the Leeds striker Bamford head from the edge of the small area to the net. The English ruled. Betis came after two defeats and wanted to show himself that he was capable of recovering sensations against a Premier rival. Aitor Ruibal, which Pellegrini laid on the left, recovered near the spinal cord and came out at full speed against Diego Llorente. The international center-back endured him until he entered the area, which Ruibal took advantage of to cross it with the left to goal.

The draw took a certain weight off a Betis that would begin to control the game. And nothing more than broke the advanced English pressure line, to run. Between Aitor and Rodri they were enough to confuse his rivals, with Fekir always prowling the goal. It would be however Borja Iglesias placeholder image who would put the Betics ahead. Appearance of Alex Moreno on the left wing, who sees how his center to the area makes Ruibal magnificent with a drop. Borja Iglesias shot the network. Until the break it was Betis who enjoyed the better options to expand the rent. The team that wore blue was completing its best minutes of the preseason. By game and by the rival’s own entity. And, furthermore, it seemed to have eradicated the efficiency problems that became apparent in the face of Wolverhampton and Derby County.

It was Marcelo bielsa who moved the first pieces in the second period. Betis started with the same eleven and that football that had allowed them to go to rest with an advantage. Soon I would expand it with some fortune. Center Sabaly fort, from the baseline, to the near post. The local goal did not know how to catch him and he slipped into his goal. It seemed already the game sentenced for the visitors, but a error to rule followed by Borja Iglesias, who went down to Betic terrain to start, allowed Kilch he stayed hand in hand with Rui Silva and beat him crossed. Fekir, who was able to score against Derby County up to a couple of times, is close to scoring the fourth. He threw tight to the stick. The friendly was definitely opening. He could mark anyone. Again Fekir stood hand in hand. The French adjusted too much again. TO Aitor Ruibal they disallowed a goal in the last minutes. Betic final victory. Of level and prestige. Raise the level when it gets closer The league.

Data sheet

Leeds: Meslier; Ayling, Diego Llorente, Struijk, Junior; Raphinha, Dallas, Koch, Harrison; Rodrigo and Bamford.

They also played: Shackleton, Roberts, Klich, Helder Costa and Greenwood.

Betis: Rui Silva; Sabaly, Edgar, Víctor Ruiz, Álex Moreno; Saved, Channels; Rodri, Fekir, Aitor Ruibal; and Borja Iglesias.

They also played: Camarasa, Calderón, William Carvalho, Tello and Hermoso.

Referee: Micheal Salisbury (English).

Goals: 1-0 (6 ‘) Bamford. 1-1 (10 ‘) Aitor Ruibal. 1-2 (22 ‘) Borja Iglesias. 1-3 (55 ‘) Sabaly. 2-3 (57 ‘) Klich.

Incidents: Loughborough University Stadium.

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