Bonus: “En-Nesyri has offers everywhere, but wants to stay”

Yassine Bono has become one of the figures of the Seville. The Moroccan goalkeeper attended the official media from the concentration of Algorfa (Alicante) and make it clear that this Seville “it has no roof”. “Sometimes it is scary to say that we fight for the championship. The team feels they have to improve fourth place. Little by little we will get hooked on that challenge “, he pointed out.” The team has a responsibility and wants something else this season. A team like Sevilla must always aspire to more, seeking higher challenges. This team has no roof. In the last stretch of last season he showed that he could fight for the championship. The team is gaining in confidence and experience. And in believing that you can“he reflected.

The market and En-Nesyri

“He is a player who wants to be in the club, has commitment, and that is important. You have offers everywhere and charge better, but you want to be in the club. He wants to improve his performances and his level. It is important to have players like that. He is a forward who gave us something else, with more play in space, in addition to position. Youssef still has room for improvement, which excites the team and the club“.


A joy to meet my colleagues. The preseason is a key time to have a good base and compete all year. We have to take advantage now to prepare well. A group to work well must have a very healthy life, that you trust your partner“.

Personal feel

“With a lot of desire. To continue in the line of growth, to improve as a goalkeeper and person, as a player in the group. Wanting to achieve more important goals than last season. Life is like that. You have to work and wait. Nothing. more. Do what you know how to do without more. Each one prepares from where they are called and we try to do our best to take the team where the club wants. “


“Competition is always something positive for the whole group and that makes it grow and improve. It is a plus for the club. It is a very nice competition. He is a goalkeeper in good condition. A left-handed goalkeeper who doesn’t change us much at the ball output level because I’m also left-handed“.

Bonus holder

“I said it from the day I got here. I never felt like a starter or substitute. I am a club worker who responds to what is asked of me. I live isolated from the good or the bad. I tend to be in my world and try to focus on myself and improve on what I feel like I have to improve“.

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