Bordalás: “Arambarri, Marcos André? Let’s not get carried away by victory, the needs are what they are”

Congratulate the team for the effort. They have done something spectacular. “They did it. In the purest Bordalás style. The Alicante coach was happy in his press appearance after the game.” What the boys have done has a lot of merit. Perhaps at the time they expelled Cabaco they had more chances. We have seen a high effort and commitment. There are things that have just started and we have to continue growing as a team. It is not easy to achieve radical change in a short time. The union with the fans is of the utmost importance. You can see the warmth and support. That has given the team strength. A great rival that has a base from a few seasons ago and with great reinforcements.

Lots of suffering

“I have suffered a lot, because it has been a complicated match with one less. We needed the last breath that the stands gave us. I am used to suffering, but I have seen signs of identity that we are trying to impregnate the team.”


“We were not surprised because we have been watching him work. He is young, but the boy has been very good. And we must congratulate him like the rest. We are happy with his contribution. He still does not speak the language but he has shown a great personality and ability of huge parendizaje.


“I have no doubt that in the end the additions we need will come. Marcos André is an interesting player. The needs are there, we cannot get carried away by today’s victory. Arambarri is a fantastic player and everyone knows what I think. “.


Guedes and Wass are Valencia players. They have shown commitment and we are calm in that regard. “

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