Bordalás: “If it depended on me, I would have no doubt that Aleñá would continue”


The Alicante player analyzes this Sunday’s game against Villarreal

ANDhe coach from Alicante appeared in the press room for the game against Villarreal. With the idea of ​​getting three points that put three and a half points in salvation, Bordalás warns that the yellow sbmarino will go for everything despite being immersed in the fight for the final of the Europa League.


“The team is fine. Cucho and Cabaco in principle, we have no more casualties. There was a player with a blow but we can count on everything”

Public in stadiums

“It is always good news, hopefully those of us who are immersed in this sport and show know that we have been without an audience for some time, we would see the essence of football again.”

Five warned

“The truth is that we are not thinking about it, we think of Villarreal, which is tremendously important and complicated. We will try to manage it, in principle the important game is the immediate one.”

Victory against Huesca

“The truth is that the team needed it, they deserved it, they had worked and resisted due to lack of success or bad luck. They deserved it, it is a stimulus and a huge boost of morale. Hopefully it will help us to face the final with the best sensations “


“He is a magnificent player, we are very happy, as a professional, as a person he is a charm. I would have no doubt in having him with us, he has been involved with a very high commitment, everyone loves him, I would not doubt it.”

Villarreal tired

“No, I don’t think, it’s a historic possibility for them, they deserve it due to the merits that have made it possible for them to reach the final. It’s a great team. I don’t think it influences since they have a magnificent squad, they have to be among the better. He will face the game with the utmost interest. “

Eleven of yellow gala?

I don’t know, I’m not in Emery’s situation, the technicians know their squad, I can’t comment. Whatever it is, it will be a high-level team “


Not to face our game, the professionals know that they are immersed in two competitions in this case. We were immersed in two competitions last season and we did not resent it. We only felt when the Covid arrived and after the lockdown. There the team did suffer. Villarreal have a magnificent team and coach, they are going to give a great level “

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