Bordalás is once again the favorite to coach Valencia a year later


Peter Lim has to give the go-ahead to the proposal of the current Getafe coach

Jose Bordalás he is the favorite to become Valencia coach next season. In fact, Peter lim already has on the table candidate’s proposal to the bench that comes from the club, via Anil Murthy. From the technician of the Getafe like your character to lead a team and be able to rebuild a project that has collapsed sportingly in the last two seasons. Besides of sports performance that has given the club azulón, especially two seasons ago and the last one, a career path in which you have demonstrated the ability to work under pressure in unfavorable circumstances, as they appear those of the next campaign in the Mestalla club. Now, surprisingly enough, Peter Lim might not comply with the proposal that comes from the club managers and there is always the possibility of deciding by another technician through his contacts with agents and other soccer executives.

The current Getafe coach already was last summer the first on the list to take over Valencia. But i know crossed too many obstacles on the way they ended up parking this option: the Getafe had a pending Europa League tie, once the season is over, and Ángel Torres was not willing to let him out without paying its clause exceeding one million euros. In the middle of the blockade, it was when Corona proposed to Murthy the name of Javi Gracia, whom he knew after having met at Almería and who also had experience in Spain, Russia and England.

Bordalás knows what the Valencia project is to keep losing weight staff cost and the bet on footballers youths, some with little experience in Primera. And he does not know it from hearsay, but already heard it first hand last summer and he was willing to take over. And also the requirement of the club, who wants to return to Europe the next season. With the Alicante coach on the bench, the Getafe has done 8th, 5th, 8th and it remains to be seen the classification of this course in which saved mathematically after winning Levante on matchday 37 (now it’s 16th). Indigo Murthy He said after the dismissal of Javi Gracia that Valencia were looking for a leading coach and Bordalás represents that profile at this time.

Bordalás was asked directly this Monday in The transistor from Zero Wave for an agreement with Valencia and the option that Getafe let him out and this was his answer: “Every season finale the same is said, last season they also related me to different teams. There is one day left and all I think about is finishing in the best possible way, trying to give a good image for the fans who have suffered a lot, for my president, for the boys who have had a bad time, and give a good image in Granada and later we will sit down my president and I will analyze in detail, as we do every season “.

One year contract

Bordalás has one year of contract at Getafe, but it doesn’t seem like Angel Torres go to put no impediment to let it go out without a clause. First of all, because already there was an unspoken pact last season, when the Alicante technician rreceived the first proposal from Valencia. And also because the Azulón president has understood after this tough season that the best thing is to rActivate the project with another trainer.

With Javi grace Still on the bench and before the crisis of results that triggered his dismissal, MARCA said that Valencia was looking for a coach and that the shortlist of favorites was made up of Bordalás, Diego Martínez and Míchel. The latter already sounded strong -because there were contacts- to become the team in January, but finally he opted to keep Javi Gracia. And it is also true that I like it a lot Diego Martinez, after his two exceptional seasons at Granada in Primera.

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