Bordalás: “Our accounts go to win tomorrow”

The coach analyzes the final against Eibar

ANDThe Alicante coach appeared in the press room for the final against Eibar. A clash in which Bordalás trusts that his people can put land out of fear in the goal of salvation.

Encouragement: “The dressing room is fine, it is animated by the casualties that we already had, to which Darío Poveda has joined, who has been operated on this week. The countdown begins for the boy. The rest of us are all fine.”

Low: “We got Nyom back. He’s fine. He has trained normally throughout the week and is in full condition to face tomorrow’s game.”

Accounts to be saved: “Our accounts go through trying to add the three points tomorrow, which are vital and important. It is clear that there are twelve points at stake and there is a lot left. But our mind is on tomorrow’s game. We do not think about anything else. We do not think about the following, in what we have left. Only in tomorrow’s game, which is vital and very important for both teams “

A final: “Obviously, the immediate game is the most important. It is like this. We cannot think about the following. Tomorrow’s game is against Eibar, a needy opponent, of a high level, structured and very orderly with a magnificent coach. Due to circumstances of the competition is immersed in the lower zone, as many teams are. Our goal is tomorrow’s three points. If we take them forward, we will have taken an important step “

Darío Poveda: “The boy is fine. A little dejected before the intervention. He has had many problems throughout the season, relapses and has not been one hundred percent well. The meniscus has given him a lot of trouble, the operation has been successful. OK and now he’s starting from scratch. Darío now has to think positively and try to prepare for next season. “

Better version: “We are happy. The team has been similar in this stages to what we have been and what we want this team to be. It resembles the one from long ago. Perhaps the results have not accompanied the team’s game. This is the dynamic. they are doing well, they are calm, they know the way forward and they are eager to face tomorrow’s game. ”

Good numbers against Eibar: “That is a statistic that is part of history. We are in a different scenario and in a different season. I don’t pay much attention to the above. The most important thing is now. The team needs victory. It is a very difficult game for both of us. It’s a very complex game and we don’t think about the above. It’s there, but it doesn’t help immediately. It’s a great team, a magnificent coach who has done incredible things in recent years. We are very prepared and psyched. The players are convinced and very psyched. “

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