Bordalás ‘steps on’ Valencia at 57: the second oldest coach on the Mestalla bench


ORn data to take into account. The experience it’s going to be a grade. For the good of Valencia and for José Bordalás himself. Alicante by more details. From the Rabasa neighborhood. And with certain feelings towards Valencia. Signature by the Mestalla club with 57 years and 83 days. He did so on Thursday, May 27.

This data has caused it to become the second oldest coach to land on the Mestalla bench. The only one who surpasses him is Cesare Prandelli who took over Valencia with 59 years. Another signing of the Lim era when he arrived at Mestalla last October 2016 but which barely lasted three months. Then José Bordalás appears who with those 57 springs equals with Luis Aragonés and Hector Núñez and face this challenge determined and knowing where it is getting. The Valencia of Meriton and with the precedents of recent times in sports.

I come to help and try to recover the DNA of this club

José Bordalás (Valencia coach)

Veterancy is a degree. Arrives at Valencia in a professional and life cooking point which is the designated one. Perfect. Because his path has followed a logical progression. Regional Third, Second B, Second, First … has gone through all possible levels. But his arrival on the black and white bench leaves him at a fair and precise point of seniority at the moment. Especially to direct a project for which all kinds of scales are needed.

Coaches who came to Valencia older:

  1. Prandelli 59
  2. Jose Bordalás 57
  3. Luis Aragonese 57
  4. Hector Nunez 57
  5. Ciric 56
  6. Paco Real 54
  7. Alejandro Scopelli 53
  8. Marcel Sunday 53

Is about the golden opportunity for the Valencia coach. The one I was looking for. Alavés (with whom he was promoted to First but did not continue) and Getafe were his last experiences. But Valencia is Valencia. A challenge: “I come here with great enthusiasm. For me it is a challenge”, he confessed.

The Valencian coach it was close to arriving last season. He was in the shortlist but the two years of his contract that remained in Getafe, together with the penalties but above all he was competing in Europe (due to the strange campaign last by COVID in which once the League was over the team still had to play European competition) stopped this route and the club chose to close the hiring of Javi Gracia.

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