Bordalás: “The goal will reinforce Marcos André, it has cost him to get ready”

ANDThe coach of the Valencia, Jose Bordalás, gave a lot of value to the point achieved against Athletic by the way it had been produced, especially after the expulsion of Maxi Gómez. The Alicante coach has explained why he has opted for Cillessen in goal, he has congratulated por the improvement of Marcos André, author of the tying goal and, above all, applauded the attitude of the team to achieve the tie in the final minutes.


We have greeted each other. I have welcomed the Mestalla and the party and I have wished him luck, which is the usual protocol I have with colleagues who come, I wish them luck. And the controversies of yesteryear are not such. It is the usual thing that happens every game.


Giorgi [Mamardashvili] it has done really well. You know how it arrived, when it arrived it exceeded the initial expectations. But perhaps the demand and the responsibility have been able to him at some point in the last games. He is a very young boy with a great future and after two defeats we believed it was time to bet on Cillessen, who played a great game with great saves, especially at the end. Sometimes not only the sporty aspect is valued but also the emotional aspect. And we believed that it was the opportune moment.


We have talked about it. He is a player who has to be decisive in this team, due to his characteristics, level and potential. Today he lacked the success in the last meters. But he is committed and without being correct, he has tried in every way. It is what I demand of him as a footballer and he will have more successful matches. I congratulate you for the effort.

Marcelino says that Valencia is more intense than in the last two years

I don’t like to compare. We are in a phase of growth. I’m happy with the team’s work, but we have to improve, we have conceded a lot of goals and we have to improve in that aspect. You have to do an analysis when we have half a season or three quarters of a season. We have a period of growth.

The best of the team?

The best thing has been the attitude of the team, but we have lacked success in the last meters, especially in the centers that were too far or far behind us. We CANNOT ignore certain aspects of the game that we have to improve.

Red to Maxi Gómez

Right now after the game you have to be calm, it was a hectic end, everything has happened, you have to be calm. A play in the center of the field. I think it is not a play that aborts a clear opponent’s attack action. Yes, the club is going to appeal the first card because it is totally unfair.

Foulquier does not finish opening in band

He played a very good game like the rest of his teammates. He has emptied himself, he has worked a lot on a defensive level: because every ball that Athletic recovers is a ball behind its back, and in these actions it is necessary to make a great retreat. In general we have been quite good. At the beginning, they have taken many centers from us. We knew that Athletic takes advantage of their transitions, fast attacks.

Changes after 0-1

Marcos André has entered the game very well, very very plugged in. He has achieved the tying goal, it has been a stimulus for the boy who has had a few minutes and who has come with high expectations. He had the one that went over the goalkeeper and the one that scored. In the match we had to take risks, we knew that Athletic could score a second goal, but we have to congratulate the team and the fans who have been cheering the team on until the end and have given us enough energy.

Hobby. Half of the tickets have been sold

I am not the person who knows the reasons why fewer people have come than on Real Madrid day. It is an hour that people have not finished eating, it is always complicated, but those who have come have been cheering, encouraging and we are going to see how far we can go because the team has not lost face to the game. We have to see what we continue to do to continue growing in the game.

Marcos André

This will strengthen you. It has cost him to get ready, he keeps working. It is not easy to reach a club at the level of Valencia’s demand and be a starter. He has entered the field, has helped us and has scored the tying goal.

Avoid three losses in a row

It is so. It is an emotional point because of how it has occurred with one less player, with the expulsion of Maxi. But the team has believed and we have broken the streak of two very bad results and emotionally it is going to strengthen the team.

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