Bordalás: “We are aware of tomorrow’s game”


The azulón coach analyzes the game against Levante

ANDhe coach from Alicante appeared in the press room and analyzed the situation of his team in the face of the vital match against Levante. The azulones know that, if they win, they could stay in the top category in the absence of a match if third-party results are given.

Situation at this stage of the season

“We know the difficulty of the competition, we are in the First Division, our objective was to try to score the highest number of points for permanence. This season is being different, it is costing many teams more. We are working to achieve it in this final stretch”

Scared locker room

“The dressing room is fine, Djené uses other adjectives, we know that he is a foreigner and he did not mean that. They are responsible, it is the life of the professional. There are better and worse moments throughout a season and years. This year we have a deficit and we are fighting until the last moment but the team is fine, I see them with good dynamics, happy and aware of the game.

Public in some stadiums

“The truth is that it is great news for the fans to come back, what I would like is for all of them to come back. In one yes and others it is not discriminatory, but without a doubt it is very great news.”

Save this journey

“The truth is that I do not think about that, only in tomorrow’s game, in those three points, we are prepared, mentally well, the team is aware. We do not think about it, we think about the three points, it is a vital game.”

Last game at the Coliseum?

“I do not think, only in tomorrow’s game, my mind and my energy are in tomorrow’s game. Under no circumstances does anything else cross my mind”


“They are all fine, except Poveda, Erick is training, Cucho has made his first minutes with the team, that’s always good news”


“He’s been training for days, he’s ready to help us, we’ll decide tomorrow.”


“Ángel is an important player, we will get the most balanced team to add the three points, we need everyone, they are very prepared.”

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