Borja Iglesias: “Pellegrini has kept us all wanting to join the team”


The Galician forward reviews on Betis TV his team’s season and his return to Vigo on Saturday in search of a place in the Europa League

ANDl Galician forward Borja Iglesias placeholder image has been the protagonist tonight on the official television of the Betis, where he has reviewed in detail the 2020-21 season, which is about to end, in which he has managed to recover his best version and, with his goals, place the Verdiblancos to a final match depending on themselves to play the Europa League the next course.

A great season finale

“After more complicated moments, enjoying this end of the season and this streak is always nice, I’m happy to be able to help. I knew I had to work, that things were not going the way I would like or how I thought they had to go. So I had to do something else. I tried to put everything in and the truth is that now I feel very well. I have always felt very supported by the team, the fans and the club, and that helps a lot “.

Have you had a bad time?

“Well, I’ve had moments … Neither have a bad time because really, when things don’t work out, you are continually focused on trying to turn it around and you still don’t have that time to be aware of the reality that exists. But obviously I’m having it. much better now”.

They would have signed to be as they are now

“Yes, without a doubt. From the first day this was the goal, to be fighting to get into positions in Europe. More if you have the upper hand because when you get to this situation and depend on other results it is not the same. Now We know that if we do our thing we will be competing in the Europa League and that is the important thing. “

Many hopes placed on the team

“It is true that we had a difficult time in which things were not going the way we would like, but I think that from day one we all became aware of trying to add, contribute the best of ourselves. We were all clear that we had to put everything of our part for the objective to be met. The first part is done, but we have to finish it. “

The turning point this season

“It is true that we have achieved quite a few draws with the feeling that we could have scored more points. The feelings are very positive, the work environment is very good from day one and that helps both in difficult moments when the situation had to be overcome as now , so that everything flows with relative ease. I think it is worthy of admiration and to see how that situation has been turned around. “

A 2021 to frame

“Yes, because we came from those sensations of the month of December of seeing that the team was going to more and was better, despite the fact that the Levante game was a bit hard for us. But then we recovered to try to get it out and although not We succeeded, we left with other sensations. And then the home game against Sevilla, the team was superior, they looked capable and that gave us a lot. When you enter into that dynamic and those sensations help you to believe more in what you are doing”.

The Pellegrini Masterclass

“He has always trusted from the beginning. He has tried to impose a little that idea of ​​the game that he has, trying at times to make us all participate. That has been managed very well and has kept us all wanting to join the team. And then also I think the group’s predisposition has been very good at all times. Putting the two together has seen the result. “

The confessional of the míster

“Yes, when he has something to comment on, he approaches, tells you and I think the good thing is that a debate is generated in which you can expose your position, the one you see, and he tries to give you his advice or his perspective to try to get to an intermediate point. He has done very well and continues to do so. The footballer wants that information more and more, he wants to learn, to know what is thought from the other side. That is super positive for everything. “

The last challenge of the course, Vigo

“I have always felt very loved in Vigo, I have a lot of affection and a lot of appreciation for them. From a very young age I have enjoyed a lot with them, those four years that I was in the quarry and the year that I was on loan were very positive, I learned a lot. If there is someone who did not like my decision or did not share it too much, I also understand it, I completely respect what is thought and what happens. But it is true that I feel loved. “

Motivation against relaxation against Celta

“Obviously, it is super nice to play with your fans again and enjoy the end of a season that for Celta, as it had started, has been very positive and they have come out very reinforced, especially in this final in which they have been very good. They will want to end with a victory as we all want to do. But it has to outweigh more being ambitious, knowing what we are at stake, fighting to finish a season that I believe that if we achieve victory it will be important. In that sense we are all very aware and we really want to go to win. “

Go for the Europa League

“It is true that when these days happen at the same time, we are all pending. Especially the people who are around live with more intensity what happens in the other stadiums. When you are in the field you try to focus on yours and more when it depends completely up to you. I experienced Espanyol’s qualification for the Europa League as seventh and we had to win, but we were very aware from the field of what was happening in the other stadiums. This time we have to focus on making our game and winning. “

Do they find out from the field?

“I went out and asked the boys who helped us with the balls and some of them said something to me, but I didn’t quite understand it. I got to the bench, they were all talking, and I didn’t find out anything either. I was just thinking about finishing our game and winning it. “.

His viral image lying on the stairs

“I think it was when they took out the poster with the seven minutes added. I was sitting talking with Joaquín and I leaned back as if to say ‘let them beep now’. I don’t know if it was there or before, really, I think there.”

His streak in 2021

“Yes, overall, I had never experienced one like last year and now, afterwards, I evaluate it as positive because I learned many things. It is true that when you are living it, there is that pressure around the team that needs those contributions and if You are not able to give them, it is complicated. But when you get out of it, you do it reinforced. “

What did the goalkeeper say to him before the penalty?

“He was telling me that he was going to stay in the middle and then at the end of the game he told me why he had changed it, that he has taken 10 penalties, shooting one to the left, one to the right, one to the left, one to the left. right … I told him I didn’t know because I didn’t know. To this day, Tony with us the same, he is always giving the goalkeepers information about the pitchers and us about the goalkeepers, and now with all the videos and statistics We all have a lot of data, but we have to make decisions.

Your confidence to shoot penalties

“I feel good, with confidence. You also feel the confidence of your teammates, the coaching staff, the fans and in that sense, when you face a situation like this and things are going well, it’s easier.”

The fans, overturned on Sunday

“We talked about it during the journey, we came there hitting the bus ourselves from inside. We thought about how everything would be if we could enjoy it now with the fans. See how they turn over despite the difficulties that exist and how they support us with messages and on social networks it is much appreciated “.

Does the selection see very far?

“Like it, I would love it. We would all love to be on a list and more for a competition like the Eurocup. I have tried to do my best and if he considers that I can be there and contribute, I would love to. And if not, I will continue working for if one day the opportunity arises. The key is to perform in your team, Sergio Canales has given a very high level with us and has earned being there. I don’t know what will happen, but hopefully he is here and we can enjoy his games with the national team and cheer him on. “

Very active on social media

“Yes, it is something that I have always done and it is a small way of returning all the affection I receive, trying to be close. I would like to answer more than I do, but there are many messages and sometimes there is no time, but I try to be nice and give them back that love. “

His beard, hallmark

“The truth is that I’ve been wearing it long now … I’ve been leaving it, I’m comfortable and there I have it. Today I think I’ll retouch it a bit now because it’s already playing … It’s a bit now my image, I like it now the people who are with me too. “

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