Buffalo Bills 31-34 Tennessee Titans: Derrick Henry scores three touchdowns as Titans stop Josh Allen on crucial fourth down

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Derrick Henry topped 100 yards in his fifth straight game as he ran 143 and three touchdowns to help the Tennessee Titans win a 34-31 win over the Buffalo Bills after Josh Allen was stopped in the final by a quarterback finishing fourth. seconds of the game.

Derrick Henry made three quick landings before the Titans stopped Josh Allen in fourth and one spot near the net with 22 seconds left as Tennessee held on to beat the Buffalo Bills 34-31 on Monday night.

Allen was first noted as evading the first-loser marker in the scrum, before being strangled in the ensuing game to give the ball to the Titans with 12 seconds remaining.

“We’ve got some dogs there,” Henry said of the Tennessee defense. “They fight to the end. They showed it right here. “

Henry became the NFL leader even though most of the league teams played six games, and he finished 143 yards, topping 100 in his fifth straight game – the longest streak in the league since DeMarco Murray played eight straight games in 2014. Dallas.

The 2020 AP Attacker of the Year also made a 76-yard touchdown, the first of seven shifts in the game as the Titans fell 6-0 at the start of the second. Henry currently has 11 touchdowns of 50 yards or more, on par with former Titans hitting fourth-ranked Chris Johnson in the NFL behind Adrian Peterson (16), Barry Sanders (15) and Jim Brown (12).

The Tennessee Titans' defense makes a winning stop against Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen, who is down fourth.

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The Tennessee Titans’ defense makes a winning stop against Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen, who is down fourth.

“We keep jumping onto Derrick’s back and he wants and can carry us,” said Titans coach Mike Vrabel. “And that’s just what you know you have in your back and front pocket. We take it out and use it. It just gave us a chance at life. “

Defender Ryan Tannehill added another touchdown against the Buffalo defense, which finished third in the game. Harold Landry had two of the Titans’ three bags and Kevin Byard intercepted the pass.

Bills coach Sean McDermott said officials initially signaled that Allen had come out first in the scrum with a third down, but after the game, referee Cleit Blakeman informed him that the official had contacted boxing by radio to inform him that his quarterback had lost.

Allen stepped into the game, turning the NFL’s 24 best quarterbacks into their first flops since 2018.

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