Cádiz and Espanyol want Rubén Castro, who is free

ANDl Gran Canaria Rubén Castro is free this Wednesday, June 30. The player has options to sign with a First Division team, just like they would be on the table options of being able to sign in a Chinese team as advanced by the journalist Ángel García (cazurreando.com). A priori, the Cadiz is the best placed to take the services of the forward, although the RCD Spanish I would also be behind him. The Andalusian team would have anticipated the rest of the offers, including the one proposed by FC Cartagena to seek its renewal.

Rubén has been one of the players most used by the club. In total, the Gran Canaria, has accumulated about 3,339 minutes, playing 38 days and scoring 19 goals (three from penalties).

Ephesus He will fight until the end to try to retain Rubén Castro in the Cartagena club, a key and important pillar of Albinegra salvation. His 19 goals have helped FC Cartagena think silver for one more season. It is true that the board of directors has waited until they know Rubén’s final resolution to continue planning and structuring the squad for the 21/22 season. Since, being one of the highest contracts, it would greatly influence the development of the template for this new course.

Now, the Canarian striker peels off the daisy to see where he will play next season with suitors of the highest Spanish category that they would be after him because of his performance and not because of his age.

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