Cádiz falls to Atlético Sanluqueño with a goal from former cadista Güiza

ANDl Cádiz could not with a serious Atlético Sanluqueño and a great Dani Güiza who gave victory to his own (1-0) with a bit just one month from fulfilling 41 years and that led the way in a preseason game where testing was the predominant note in both teams, but mainly in a Cádiz CF that ended with a very offensive team who sought to balance the shock to the end, without success, showing that it remains a long way to go until next August 14, date on which they will host Levante UD.

It cost Cádiz to enter the game and it was at the mercy of Atlético Sanluqueño for the first forty-five minutes with a ex cadista through which the years do not pass in a stellar plan. Dani Güiza scored the first goal of the game but minutes before he had enjoyed two clear chances, one of them a penalty that was stopped by David Gil. The eleven of Cervera had four homegrown players Y players like Nano Mesa, Perea or forward Osmajic, a team that little will resemble the starting eleven that starts the league and that he could not at any time with those of Pedro Buenaventura, always with clearer ideas than yellow ones.

However, the second part was different, especially for the seven changes introduced by Álvaro Cervera among which were men like Negredo, Choco, Álex Fernández and the sanluqueño Salvi sanchez that gave him more verticality and offensive presence. The cadistas tried to take control of the crash in a stadium of El Palmar full of public but it cost them a world to print a high rhythm of play although the danger came almost in its majority in stopped balls and in the Salvi’s boarding schools on the right, without success any of them. More and more attempts were made at an approximation, trying to put back an Atlético Sanluqueño who endured stoically before a Cádiz which lacks a lot of filming ahead, and many new faces to come and go.

Data sheet:

Athletic Sanluqueño: Palomares, Navas, Pelón, Javi Duro, Héctor; Alfonso, Chicho, Julen Azkue, Armental; Cervero, Güiza. They also played in the second part: Javi Pelos, Jose Romero, Edu Oriol, Salas, Theo García, Hassane, Toni García, Marc Caballé, Marco Valle and David.

Cádiz CF: David Gil, Gudelj, Lautaro, Alcalá, Espino, Bastida, Jose Mari, Chapela, Perea, Nano Mesa and Osmajic. They also played in the second part: Juan Flere (ps), Haroyan, Álex Fernández, Choco Lozano, Malbasic, Akapo, Salvi, Álvaro Giménez, Diarrá.

Referee: Saéz Vital (Andalusian), did not show any cards.

Goals: 1-0. 24 ‘Dani Güiza.

Stadium: El Palmar

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