Calleja: “Next year we will be in the First Division again”

“We know it is a complicated challenge, but we are excited and we are convinced that we are going to take it out,” said the new babazorro coach

ANDhe new coach of Deportivo Alavés, Javier Calleja placeholder image, confesses that he had no doubts to go to Vitoria when he received the proposal from the Albiazul team and is convinced that the team will remain in the First Division.

The Madrilenian thanked the club for the trust placed in him and said in the press room that he was “very happy to be the coach of Alavés. It is a challenge that motivates and excites me, and my team and I were clear about the decision of yes, with “desire to work and very excited”.

“I am clear that the team is from the First Division, there is a squad made by a group of professionals and we want to change the negative dynamics,” said the coach, who arrived accompanied by Quique Alvarez (second coach), Jose Romero (physical trainer) and Luismi Parrot (analyst). “If we weren’t sure we wouldn’t have considered being able to come,” he added.

At first, the new babazorro coach arrives with a contract until the end of the season and although neither the coach himself nor the club have wanted to talk about the future, the sports director, Sergio FernandezHe indicated that he would like the relationship between both parties to be long.

Calleja considers that there is a lot of equality in the competition and bets “on regain the player’s trust because they have football. “He also believes that the team has” many possibilities “due to the kind of players in the squad, which enriches the game and that is” better for performance. “

Regarding the situation I was living Lucas Perez and the former coach Abelardo Fernández, in which the coach said at the last press conference that he had been disrespected, Javier Calleja remained on the sidelines and stated that he has “all the players” because he will need them and in this situation cannot get anyone out of the way. “I focus on what is coming from now on,” he added.

“I hope to contribute a lot and try to help. We come to add a club with an idiosyncrasy“, accepted the coach, who will face his first experience in front of a bench away from Villarreal.” It is a challenge in all aspects and it is an opportunity as a coaching staff to continue growing and demonstrate the potential we have. “

The president of Deportivo Alavés, Alfonso Fernandez, accompanied the new tenant of the Alava bench and thanked the “dedication, work and commitment” of Abelardo Fernández and acknowledged that things have not turned out as expected.

On the other hand, he noted that it was “an honor to have a coach“Like Javier Calleja, he thanked me for accepting the challenge and highlighted the enthusiasm of the Madrid native.

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