Cam Akers: Los Angeles Rams running back set to miss 2021 season after tearing Achilles

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The Los Angeles Rams will be left without Cam Akers in 2021 after his second straight run a week before training camp tore his Achilles.

Backward Los Angeles Rams Cam Akers is expected to miss the entire 2021 season after ripping his Achilles.

Ackers, selected in the second round by Florida State in 2020, led the Rams with 625 yards from 145 two touchdown carries, 11 catches on 123 yards and points in rookie year.

After gradually getting familiar with Sean McVeigh’s attack, his shots doubled in Week 13, when he landed the ball for 72 yards 21 times and landed against the Arizona Cardinals, before diving 171 yards against the New England Patriots the following week.

His momentum continued into the postseason, where he made his way to 131 yards and landed with 28 shots against Seattle Seahawks, followed by 90 yards and another end zone visit after 18 attempts against the Green Bay Packers.

Akers’ absence opens up the opportunity for Darrell Henderson to take on a broader role: in the third round of 2019, picked by Memphis, he finished just a yard away from his teammate in 2020 with 624 over five touchdowns. The pair shared backfield time with Malcolm Brown, who signed the Miami Dolphins as a free agent earlier this offseason.

Adrian Peterson, LeShawn McCoy, Le’Veon Bell, and Duke Johnson are some of the best free agent fugitives available, while it remains to be seen if former Ram Todd Gurley will remain to take over after visits with the Baltimore Ravens.

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