Canales loses the match against Celta due to a discomfort in a tendon


The Santander did not exercise today with the group and will not be in the last league match in which his team travels to Balaídos

Sergio Canales will be the main absence of Betis in tomorrow’s game against Celtic, with which the Verdiblancos close the season in search of a place in the UEFA Europa League. The Santander did not start the last training session of the week today due to some discomfort and his coach has confirmed that he does not arrive in time to play the match of day 38.

“Almost all of the squad are in a position to act because they rejoined us Martin Montoya. We are still out Paul, who has a blow to the ankle that does not allow him to be in condition, and Sergio Canales He is not 100% recovered either to be able to act tomorrow, so he is also off the list of those called up, “the Chilean coach revealed.

The Santander does not suffer any major injuries, but he does suffer some discomfort that will prevent him from helping his team tomorrow: “Sergio He had already been coming for several games dragging some discomfort in the tendon, back, he ended up irritated and it was difficult for him to train every day. We tried to stop for a couple of days the previous weeks, but it was each game playing, with the intensity that he plays, the pain increased. And right now you need more to take care of him than to demand of him.

The rest of the squad, with the exception of the long-term injured Dani Martin and Paul, will be available to the Chilean coach tomorrow. Included Victor Camarasa, already recovered from his serious cruciate ligament injury in one knee, and who has not yet entered any squad list so far this season, pending the last summons, which will be known today.

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