Carlo Ancelotti, subscribed to 3-0 against Celta de Vigo

ANDThe world is a handkerchief. In this case, soccer is too. Because without a doubt, coincidences are also allowed in this sport, even in a space of time of more than six years, like the one that happens by chance that we are going to discuss here, which is at least curious.

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Carlo Ancelotti He returns to what was his home stadium six seasons ago, in which it will be the great and long-awaited reopening of the Santiago Bernabéu. And what better to do with a talisman as the Italian coach at the helm, once again, of the Madrid team.

The headline does not give rise to a riddle. Yes. The two occasions in which the coach of the Madrid Tenth Champions has been measured. It is not that he has won, it is that the team has achieved the same result: 3-0.

The Italian spent two seasons in his previous stage cAs a white coach, the 2013/2014 and 2014/2015 and in those two exercises he was able to savor a more than comfortable victory over a team, the Vigo, who was in the process of transition after the recent promotion to the highest category.

First, before Luis Enrique

The consolidation in First was led by Luis Enrique. However, and almost surprisingly, the current national coach said goodbye as Celta coach. The moment highlighted the fact that he was far from his family, who resided in Barcelona. With the duties, according to him, done, he questioned whether he would train the next year … and ended up directing the Barça club the following season.

In one way or another, in his only confrontation against that Real Madrid of Ancelotti he lost by a score of three to zero. With a double from Cristiano Ronaldo and another goal from Benzema. However, the balance did not turn to the white side until minute 67, when the Frenchman scored. From that moment on, the Asturian’s men lowered their arms.

Later, before Berizzo

The Argentine coach and former Celta player replaced Luis Enrique in the 2014/2015 season, which left him in a more than outstanding ninth place in the Vigo team. With Berizzo things were more or less the same as in the previous year, like his visit to the Bernabéu. In that occasion, Cristiano Ronaldo did achieve the hattrick, being the first of the three penalty goals.

Will have to see if Madrid returns to repeat with the Italian in front such an unappealable result given the need of the Galicians led by Eduardo Coudet to play a great game and resume the good league finale that they reaped last year.

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