Carlos Fernández will miss almost the entire course 2021-22

Carlos Fernández will have to wait until the end of the 2021-22 season to play again with the Royal Society, when confirming the medical tests to which the Sevillian has been subjected today that the injury he suffered yesterday in Alkmaar is a torn cruciate ligament in your right knee. About seven months of recovery await you.

The medical report issued by the Royal Society is as follows:

Carlos Fernández suffered a sprained right knee during yesterday’s friendly match against AZ Alkmaar. An MRI scan this morning showed a tear in the anterior cruciate ligament. It is a subsidiary injury to surgical treatment. In the next few days it will be informed about it. Start treatment with physiotherapy and personalized work.

Carlos Fernández’s long-term injury points to change the future of Willian José, to which the Real was looking for a way out, which was already negotiating with some clubs.

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