Carlos Mouriño: “We are going to plan a team to be 10 more years in First Division”


PFor more than an hour and a half, Carlos Mouriño appeared before the media this Friday to review different current affairs. The first third of the press conference was dedicated to his usual cross with the city council, mainly for the Balaídos stadium but also for the new Sports City in the town of Mos: “Celta do not want to let them grow. The Balaídos stadium is a shame. We have presented a demand for the annulment of the agreement. This prosecution will very possibly end in criminal courts, “he said.

At the same time, he reported the decrease in subscribers and income this season but the good economic positioning to face the future: “We have 16,801 subscribers, 5,668 less, but we are very happy with the number. We have given losses of 16 million but we paid 13 from the Sports City and we do not owe anything. Inside the bad and the reduction of income, we are much better than other teams “.

He wants a Celta for many more years in the First Division: “We are going to plan a team to be 10 more years in the First Division. What is going to vary is that we have learned a lot and our goal is to pass them without suffering and with absolute tranquility and without the ups and downs of recent years. “

A minimum of five signings

He did not comment on the future of the sports director, Felipe Miñambres, who ends his contract in June and insisted: “We believe that we can make a stable team that is comfortable in First, despite all the limitations. We calculated what we would have to do a minimum of five signings, of not making sales that we hope not to make and of what happens with the loaned players, that if there are very favorable conditions they would stay “.

He hopes to close the signing of Cervi, the Argentine from Benfica: “He is a player that the coach, the sports management and board like but there are still steps to be taken”.

On a possible extension of Coudet’s contract, which has one year left, he said: “He has a signed contract. He is happy and so are we, then we can sit down. But we don’t want to be contingent on that. Not only with him, but also with other cases. “

He also noted that the promotion of the subsidiary to the new First Federation and a hypothetical promotion to Second would mean rethinking the quarry system.

On possible offers for Tapia, he said: “It would have to be a good offer and that the player wanted to leave because he was facing the opportune time of his life. If he doesn’t want to, he won’t go. If we make any sales, we can possibly make purchases. ” the interest of clubs to sign Emre Mor.

On the absence of Iago Aspas from the selection it was clear: “It is very difficult to understand that Iago cannot be in the Eurocopa. All Spain claims it. What’s more, few right-backs have made Hugo Mallo’s season. “

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