Carlos Rosende: “Borussia Dortmund has not respected Deportivo”

Carlos Rosende, technical secretary of the Galician team, summarized the entire summer market and the future of Dépor. He also had critical words for Borussia Dortmund. For the Coruñes it is very important to have closed and adequate a staff with a salary typical of the category. “We have a great workforce, we are satisfied with all the operations and now we have a sustainable workforce in the category.”

The technical secretariat is very disappointed with the performance of the youth squad Guillermo Bueno, who went to Borussia Dortmund this summer. He claimed to have reached an agreement to continue at Dépor, but the footballer’s circle decided to change the airs. “The issue is in the hands of the club’s legal team. Neither Borussia Dortmund, nor the boy, nor his agents respected Deportivo. There are many ways to leave a club, the player chose the worst,” he commented.

The sports director did not leave things there: “We give, we are in a position to believe, but we also demand; if there is a word given by the other party, it is very unfair. There are many ways to get out of the sites and Guillermo has opted for the worst, “he commented on the matter.

Clear objective: Promotion

For Rosende the objective is very clear. Dépor can only think about winning all the games and going up to Second. “The Objective is obvious. We know the shield we have. It is about resizing this project, but we know that the goal is promotion“, he expressed.

Celso borges

Perhaps it is the black mole this summer after all that Celso Borges is in the squad. The international ‘Tico’ has no record. “It is a decision of the legal services of the club. It is the path that they have decided. Is a great person. Your situation is not comfortable for either party. His warmth and kindness is still there, but it is a complex situation. We knew we would have a difficult summer and we hope that this situation will be resolved as well as possible. “

Noel Renovation

Finally, he spoke of the pearl of the quarry: Noel. A youth squad that is the history of Dépor as he is the first footballer to have passed through all the sections of Abegondo and to have scored in the first team. “There is a close relationship between the parties for the renovation and hopefully it will be resolved in a favorable way. I think the player values ​​the confidence of the club and the club believes a lot in his future“, he concluded.

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