Carlos Soler, 10 with a soul of 9

Celebrar a goal for Carlos Soler it falls almost within what could be called routine. He has been doing it since he was a kid who barely lifted a few feet off the ground and reached the quarry of the Valencia. He was pre-benjamin and the rival goal was too small for him: 100 goals so that the Valencia that he had in his heart since he was a child would win all the games he played.

On Stockholm debuted with the national team and it took only five minutes to score a Sweden Unbeatable in qualifying so far. He hardly had time to celebrate because the realist Isak tied while still trying to calm his heart. The same happened to his parents and his brother, who were in Solna. And also in Badajoz, where Carlos saw the door again and marked a party man. TO Pristina they will not travel because of the convolutedness of the journey.

The irruption of Soler in the selection is extraordinary. So much so that there is not a midfielder of his profile who has been able to score two goals in his first two games. But his contribution goes beyond the aim against the rival frame. “Carlos has started the season at a very high level at his club. He has already been to the Olympic Games and is a midfielder with a good finish, strategy, penalty shooter … He is very young and I hope he continues in this same line, “he assures Luis Enrique.

Olympic silver in Tokyo, Soler accumulates as many goals as games played this season. It is the memory of the boy who played ‘9’ when he reached Paternal, but in which his coaches soon captured an ability to understand the game that deserved a more important role in their teams than that of the finisher. Where did Valencia pass, the rival technicians asked for that boy who was capable of doing so many things on the offensive side and that over time he has added defensive improvements to his reading of the game.

Goal by Carlos Soler (0-1) in Sweden 2-1 Spain

The Chinese

With a smile on his mouth, something that runs in the family and that continues in his brother, Carlos was soon baptized in the Valencia quarry as The Chinese, a nickname that in Paterna are major words because it reminds Silva. Like David, he also attended another name for a physical characteristic: the Pony was the canary; Two minus ten Carlos for his walk with his legs apart.

But it was hard to see that Soler was a selection meat, one of those players who soon marked themselves in Las Rozas in red. Appeared in The City of Soccer with the sub 19. On January 20, 2016, against Italy, he made his debut. He did it with De la Fuente and in a double pivot with Alena by his side. Little by little he took steps in a generation that was European runner-up in Krakow in 2019.

Goal by Carlos Soler (2-0) in Spain 4-0 Georgia

Meanwhile, in a Valencia that was no longer that of the Villa, Mata, Silva, Marchena, Albelda and company, Gayà was the mirror in which Soler looked to reach the absolute. “Carlitos has started the season in an incredible way and not only because of his goals, but because of his personality. He is helping us a lot and I am very happy for him,” says the full-back, who returned home yesterday after being injured in Badajoz.

With the weight of 10 on his back, the number that Raúl left for the 7 and with which Cesc Fabregas made history with the national team, Carlos Soler travels to Kosovo today to find something unique among the best midfielders: to score in his first three games. Neither the midfielders nor the forwards. You have to go until 1991 to find a reference that Soler can use as a challenge. Carlos Munoz, an Oviedo forward, scored in his first four games for Spain (five goals he signed).

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