Celta wants to tie Coudet


He hopes to close the continuity of the coach

COnce the championship has been concluded, a week begins with many issues to be resolved at Celta. Coudet, Felipe Miñambres and starting to lay the foundations for next season are the priority issues for the next few days.

The first thing is to guarantee, one hundred percent, the continuity of Eduardo Coudet on the bench. The coach, who has signed a contract for another year, insists on how happy he is at the club but also on the need to sit down and talk with the leaders of the next project and also about himself. It has not been able, despite being questioned on different occasions for it, fully guarantee its continuity next season. Coudet has already announced that it will follow the next few days in Vigo to hold business meetings.

In that meeting there will be two essential aspects. A contractural improvement – his salary is one of the lowest in the competition – and its extension and the coach’s desire to have decision-making power in sports matters. He wants to get involved in the construction of an exciting project.

Another issue to be resolved this week also goes through the sports department. The club has not announced the renewal of Felipe Miñambres. A couple of weeks ago the president, Carlos Mouriño, postponed the decision. The executive, whose contract ends next month, continues to work normally but the announcement of the decision on his future cannot be delayed much longer.

Once these matters are resolved, the work meetings scheduled for this week will lay the foundations for next season. A month and a half ago it already counted BRAND, and it was later confirmed by the owner of the club, the intention to carry out half a dozen incorporations, as long as it is possible to release footballers with what is not counted and none of those considered key leaves the club.

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