Cervera: “It is a relief to have won, but mathematically it is not there yet”


“The credit goes to a squad that is very hungry,” said the Cádiz coach.

Cervera was happy after the virtual salvation in First and a victory worked and with his particular stamp. Of course, with the clear ideas that salvation is near but there is a little more left to achieve it.

And the objective is achieved with the most recognizable Cádiz in Granada: “The game has gone well, we still have the pending subject that when we defend well, we have to get to the other area, that last pass to take a step forward and I understand that Granada has many games, has played in Europe, We have been very good against Barcelona and we have been very good, but more damage should be done in the First Division against the cons and that is where we will work.

Once again, it was seen a defensive Cádiz with a fixed idea of ​​counterattack, helped perhaps by the fatigue of Granada. “Cádiz seldom plays what they want. They propose one thing from training, another from the board and the opposite tries to disrupt it. We are not a virtuoso with the ball but we do have a lot of team things and the game has me I’m delighted but I think it’s a game to have scored another goal or to hurt because it’s the way to be in the First Division and we cannot want to be in the First Division just defending.

Cervera remains faithful to the caution that characterizes him: “I do not take salvation for granted but it is true that we have put more teams behind and the decline is ten points with twelve remaining and there are many teams that have to win everything and we lose everything. But it is a relief to have won here but mathematically it is not yet “.

The scorer was Rubén Sobrino, a personal bet from Cervera in winter to which he clearly opens his arms to continue here: “The truth is that he is because he is a boy who gives us a lot and if he has scored the winning goal and the possible permanence goal, well hopefully it will help him to give one more step in his career and if it’s in Cádiz much better. And a message for the fans on a very happy day: “Well, there is less time to see each other again, that we are looking forward to them coming back and being able to look at the yellow stands and hopefully we can sign it at the end and

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