Chicago Bears 14-34 Los Angeles Rams: Matthew Stafford shines in routine Rams win on debut

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Matthew Stafford scored 321 yards and three touchdowns in his Los Angeles Rams debut; David Montgomery exceeded 100 yards on the run and found an end zone for the Chicago Bears – as did QB rookie Justin Fields – but the guests offered little.

Matthew Stafford made three touchdown passes, successfully starting his career in Los Angeles with a convincing 34-14 win over the Chicago Bears on Sunday night.

In contrast, Chicago quarterback Andy Dalton had a tough game for his new team for the first time, with former Cincinnati Bengals and Dallas Cowboys QB fired three times and eliminated once.

Chicago, however, found some joy on the ground: David Montgomery topped 100 yards in the snatch and once found the scoring zone – as did QB rookie Justin Fields – but despite being in control of possession time, the Bears made little threat of coming back on any stage. …


This one belonged Stafford… This was the speech of the interlocutor during the debut. And given the ruse the Rams threw to get their boyfriend this offseason – a package that included sending Jared Goff, a 2021 third round pick and two first round picks in 2022 and 2023 in Detroit – according to that evidence, it was more than a justified move.

He has a set of weapons to aim the ball, but Kupp already looks like a favorite as the pair show good rapport. Meanwhile, on the defensive, Aaron Donald played another extremely devastating game, leading the Los Angeles defensive front that was constantly harassing Dalton.

Montgomery was a shining spark for the Bears, however, with his 108 yards lead and just 16 attacks, which is especially impressive considering the tough defense he faced.

After David Long intercepted Dalton in the first streak of the game, former Detroit Lions quarterback Stafford quickly picked a wide-open Van Jefferson in depth for a 67-yard touchdown, making him only his second shot in the frame. a uniform.

Los Angeles added two more goals from Matt Gay on either side of the Dalton setbacks before the Bears finally beat Montgomery from three yards shortly before halftime.

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