Cillessen, to ‘cold door’ against Barcelona

The Dutch goal may be the novelty in the eleven after coming out of a month-long injury and against the opponent who has scored the most goals in a game

Pues it’s not an easy time to come to the fore. Carry More than a month injured and suddenly, once recovered, you have options to return to ownership. But the rival is not a bicoca. It’s about jasper Cillessen. And the opponent is not the most comfortable. Is he Barcelona.

Javi Grace should to decide Yes keeps Jaume Doménech in the frame that comes from playing two decent games within what fits in the team despite having conceded goals … Or try to hit another spin with another change. The nth in search of a reaction point. That is none other than the Cillessen’s presence in goal after his last injury.

The fact is that his return can catch him cold. What is usually called ‘a cold door’. So suddenly Messi and company. Barcelona is the most successful team, the one that generates the most danger in attack and the one that can put a Valencia in maximum trouble that if it has been characterized by something this campaign is by the lack of consistency in defense.

But there is still more. Jasper Cillessen can play again against ‘his’ Barcelona. and he’s gonna do it knowing what he suffered before his former team in September 2019. Then he took a win: 5-2 at the Camp Nou. The worst win of his career as a goalkeeper in his more than 10 years as a professional between the Nec Nijmegen, Ajax, Barcelona and Valencia.

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