Cleveland Browns 14-7 Minnesota Vikings: Browns edge defensive battle to secure road win

Minnesota Vikings scores in first possession of the game – Kirk Cousins ​​to Justin Jefferson for 12-yard TD – but cannot add any extra points to the competition; The Cleveland Browns find the end point thanks to Karim Hunt’s run from the goal line, while Chase McLaughlin scores two field goals.

The Cleveland Browns went 14-7 over the Minnesota Vikings after a defensive battle at US Bank Stadium on Sunday.

Minnesota took the lead when Kirk Cousins ​​finished the long 75-yard race with 14 games and scored a 12-yard goal to Justin Jefferson. The Browns responded with their own 15-game epic, but then turned the ball down as Baker Mayfield was sacked 4th and 4th from the Vikings’ six-yard line early in the second quarter.

Both teams then played offensively to hint at an upcoming fight, but then, when Minnesota also flipped the ball down with Cousins ​​from Cleveland’s 36-yard line, Karim Hunt found an end zone for visitors.

Cleveland ran another eight and a half minutes before the 18-game run-down, then added a two-point assist – thanks to a Mayfield pass to Austin Hooper – to take the lead. McLaughlin would add a 48-yard field play in the closing moments of the first half to gain a four-point lead.

After the break, defense dominated, with the two teams teamed up for eight antlers to open after the break, until McLaughlin nailed his second FG midway through the fourth quarter to make a one-point play. And so it remained.


The Browns’ next move is to travel to Los Angeles to battle the Chargers on Sunday.

As for the Vikings, they have a home clash of the NFC North divisions with the losing Detroit Lions.

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