Cleveland Browns 29-33 Kansas City Chiefs: Patrick Mahomes leads Chiefs to second-half comeback win

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Patrick Mahomes threw 337 yards and three touchdowns, including a monstrous 75-yard shot at Tyrick Hill when the Kansas City Chiefs returned from a 22-10 half-time gap to beat the Cleveland Browns 33-29 in their first season of 2021.

The Kansas City Chiefs beat the Cleveland Browns 33-29 in the opening match at Arrowhead, breaking a 12-point deficit in halftime to stun visitors.

But Cleveland began to fall apart after halftime, with the team flipping the ball three times as Kansas City roared back – the game was ultimately lost in Cleveland’s crazy three-minute spell in the final quarter.

Karim Hunt found the end zone just over 10 minutes before nine to see the Browns; they were just four seconds behind that two-yard sweep.

First, Mahomes sent a monstrously deep ball down the field to Tyric Hill for a 75-yard touchdown in the next game after scrum. Then, when Browns player Jamie Gillan needed it for the first time in the game, he found his grip and was grabbed on the 15-yard line, which put Kansas City in a brilliant position on the pitch.

Travis Kelsey duly pledged to score his second touchdown of the game, and suddenly the Chiefs were leading 33-29 – and so it remained: Baker Mayfield made a final interception from near midfield with just over a minute left.


Traditional trio Mahomes, Hill and Kelce shone for the chiefs. It wasn’t always vintage Kansas City, with the Browns and their defenses pushing them to take every yard away until they all finally lost in the last quarter.

Mayfield There may have been a late interception, but he was actually excellent throughout the game, showing he was capable of making a big leap in his fourth year in the NFL. Chubb was also terrific, although he was responsible for Cleveland’s first turnaround at the start of the third quarter that opened the doors for KC.

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