Comments from Caja Attilio

Reggiana Basket’s former head coach Caja Attilio answered the questions of TRT SPORT Italy correspondent Dündar Keşaplı in Rome.

Attilio, whose contract with Reggiana Basket has just expired, evaluated the Bahçeşehir game they lost in the final a few weeks ago and Anadolu Efes’ THY Euroleague championship.

Dundar Kesapli: You played with Bahçeşehir in the Europe Cup final, what are your memories?

Caja Attilio: We have very good memories. It was a very good experience, it was a big final game with a very strong team. They were ahead in the matches, but we mostly resisted and held on to the match. We were 15 points behind in Bologna, but when the game was over the difference was 3 points. In Istanbul, we were behind 20 points in the first half. We showed signs of recovery from time to time. It was a very good finale because the hall was full of spectators.

Dündar Keşaplı: The difference between the match in Bologna and Istanbul was the audience?

Caja Attilio: Yes definitely. The match was played in a hall where Euroleague matches are played. It was a very good organization. Congratulations to Bahçeşehir. They hosted us very well and met all our logistics needs. We appreciated.

Dündar Keşaplı: Turkish basketball has made a name for itself in recent years. Finally, Efes won against Real Madrid in the THY Euroleague.

Caja Attilio: Efes is a great team, a champion team. He showed that he is a true champion. I am very happy for my friend Ergin Ataman. A great trainer. Among elite trainers. One of the two best coaches in Europe, if not the best. His team did their best. They were very careful on defense, many of their players did a good job offensively. They knew how to win a game where Larkin wasn’t very good. Larkin showed what he could do in the Olimpia Milano series. Micic is also a great player. Ataman used Tibor brilliantly. He is also a very important player. Congratulations to Ephesus and Ataman. Only big teams can win in a row.

Dundar Kesapli: Turkish basketball has improved a lot. Would you like to work in Turkey?

Caja Attilio: Turkey is a country at the pinnacle of European basketball. It also crossed Greece. It was at the top on the same level as Spain. For someone who works as a coach, working in Turkey is like reaching the sky.

Big teams, big players, big championship. I went to Istanbul, Beşiktaş for two days in 2008, but we could not agree on small details. But I was well received, it was a nice trip. Because of my Turkish friends I know, I also support Turks a little bit.

Dundar Kesapli: Do you have a message for Ergin Ataman?

Caja Attilio: I expect Ergin Ataman to create miracles with the national team. I think President Erdogan should have him as an advisor, he is doing great things. He’s at the top.

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