Competition cancels the yellow card to Álex Moreno in Elche

ANDl Competition Committee of the Real spanish soccer federation, in its resolutions published today Wednesday, has decided “to leave without disciplinary effects the warning imposed on Alex Moreno“in last Sunday’s game against Elche, in which he received a yellow card at the last minute for allegedly cutting off an opponent’s attack with his hand, when the ball actually hit his chest.

Competition thus estimates the allegations presented by the legal department of the Betis, providing a videographic proof of the mistake made by the Madrid referee Pizarro Gomez on the action. “The images provided allow us to appreciate that the ball actually hits the player’s chest, so it is necessary to estimate the allegations,” the note states.

Bellerín, suspended with a game

Therefore, Alex Moreno still no cards in The league this season, far from the five necessary to complete the cycle and be sanctioned with a game. Who has been suspended is his partner Hector Bellerín, with a match, for his expulsion for a direct red card in this same confrontation with the Elche. He will not be able to play next Sunday against I raised.

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