Occasionally like Sevilla sporting director of sticking his well-deserved bath of masses. That the Sevillista on foot, between a thousand thanks and a hundred photos, finish shaking his hand with a smile demanding signings in turn. It is what has that semi-political activity that likes to carry out the visible face of the entity. A Monchi who likes (like everyone) that he

and give the ear, but what does it need (just like the rest)

that little stick on the back to activate and not settle for what has been achieved to date

. Which is a lot, of course. Too even. It is the evil that comes from living between the notable and the outstanding in perpetuity, that the day you pass with solvency but with a certain lack of brilliance, there will always be some who throw it in your face.

And that own pressure and the external demand also exhausts the most painted

. For all this, Monchi asked for “trust” from the

Faithful of Nervión

. Words that you could almost say he was saying to himself, rather than to some fans who have never doubted (and never will) his beacon at Sevilla.

The character (Monchi) squeezes the person (Ramón) so that he does not shy away for a moment from that annual battle of reinventing himself

, to sign cheap (it hardly exists anymore) and later sell for a cataract of millions. The cola formula has been more than followed for a long time -as Monchi did in other clubs in his day- and with the accounts in tenguerengue it is not easy

bet, hit, improve the team and that the sports results continue to be brilliant

. More than excited for a summer where all eyes will be on his figure, last night he was noticeable

responsible for what’s to come

. Because there is a lot of fabric to cut. too much. And it is that

the market moves zero

and for revolutions what is needed is money. That 2019 investment, increasing the club’s debt (everyone agreed), and which went so extremely well in sports, cannot and does not want to be undertaken this summer after three years making up budgets.

Enter Champions

at the level of staff spending that Sevilla has set, rather than being a blessing it is

simply an obligation

. It is not that the money is in the field, but that extraordinary income is needed simply to maintain the figures and those who charge for having been them. Pulling the wheel hard this summer will require an imaginative and sympathetic effort on all sides.

From Monchi himself to Julen Lopetegui

. And here we find the mother of the lamb. After amicably sealing the continuity of the coach, understanding the two parties that two do not separate if no one takes the first step, play go

modeling an insole with the express request of the technician to turn it inside out like a sock

. As long as offers do not arrive, Nervión does not move or the pointer. It is what also has that growth as a club. Top-level chips for three-quarters of the workforce, a city where life is not bad at all and a sports project that no one wants to part with if it ends up in a lower one.

Selling Koundé or Diego Carlos enters the territory of the simple

. take out dough for

Rony Lopes, Idrissi or Munir himself

is what is really difficult. Even more, that it does not continue to cost you money one year in and another. More than trust

Monchi requested patience because during the preseason there will be doubts from all fronts

. own and others. With Lopetegui staring at the player he doesn’t even want to see near him, although hidden behind his inseparable (and improvable) sunglasses.

Doubts. Confidence. Patience

. Monchi had nothing written, but he knew well what he wanted to say. From time to time he needs to shout to the world that he is not a robot and that he also needs to feel more supported than loved.

Sliding (and it is not the first time) that he also gets up with his left foot and even doubts himself

. A little Descartes (and here we are not talking about the template). It is possible that

being so long Monchi is exhausting the person Ramón

. More than 20 years building a dream called Seville, with many stones in the way and seeing excessive things behind closed doors. living with them. He needed that energy of the Sevilla player on foot and that he can’t read on Twitter. Of the truth. From which he put a thousand pelas for

sign Bertoni

even that big one like my neighbor

Sunday Munoz

, with 75 years of uninterrupted membership, receiving well-deserved tribute. The sevillista who appreciates more than he demands. The fact that

he doesn’t know who Marcao is

and he doesn’t care too much. The one who enjoys going to the field and applauds even in defeat. Because in that parallel world in which we all play, it doesn’t hurt to go out to get the cool weather (from the west) and find out that there is life beyond the mobile.

Also for Ramon. Even for Monchi

and some virtual ojana. That he did not ask for trust for his work, but for himself. Genius stuff.

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