Cordón: “The market is a game of mus and we have to wait for our opportunity”

Antonio Cordon, general sports director of the Betis, has been the protagonist this afternoon in the program All green of the official television of the club, where he has made a complete review of the current situation of the Verdiblanco team from the concentration that the squad he directs Manuel Pellegrini started yesterday at the facilities of Bad ragaz, on Swiss.

Pleasant temperatures in Switzerland

“It was what we were looking for. From being with the degrees that we have in Seville to finding ourselves with this weather … It has rained a lot to be our first training, we are not used to it, but I think that is what we are going to have all this week and what we were looking for. An ideal temperature to be able to do a lot of work with thunder, lightning and a lot of rain “.

An exciting preseason

“All the starts are very beautiful, now is the time to recharge our batteries, to be preparing in these weeks that we have left until the start of the championship, to see all the young boys that we have brought and very excited about this new challenge that awaits us. “.

A wide representation of the quarry

“This shows the work that Real Betis has done for many years. There have been many players who have come out of the quarry, now we have a very interesting group with boys that most come from the promotion of Betis Deportivo and this is the line that we have to set ourselves and that Betis has always set for ourselves, to provide those young players who have to come from the quarry. These are also times of economic crisis and it is very important to have players very close to the first team, to see if we have the maximum possible because it is the moment, society, the economic crisis and also the sporting level of the club in grassroots football. It is the demonstration that they are boys who are perfectly going to be very close to the first team and we hope that many will become authentic professionals, which is what they want and what we want. “

Transfers in a very stopped market

“They have arrived, haven’t they? We have already had some or other. Everything will come, if it has to come, and if it does not come, we have players from the quarry who are going to be prepared and we will try to do the best possible. The market is very stopped, very slow. We cannot be very active either because the economic situation does not give us to be, we have to wait for our opportunity, there are many weeks left for the market to close, there are few things we can do and what Let’s do it, try to make it the best possible, that we improve the level of what we have if possible and that it really comes to add, that is the idea. If not, we will keep what we have, which is very good, and we have to be consistent and try to get resources out of what we have. “

A central player is missing

“It is vox pópuli that a starting central defender left us who was also one of the captains and that is the number one priority. But someone has to come who adds, that we really understand that he is going to improve us, that he is going to improve the level If possible and that it be an asset for Real Betis. We are working, little by little, you have to be patient, play the game of mus or poker that is this and not throw away the order quickly. We will wait patiently and when we can really try to do something and if it can’t be, we have players in our quarry who come to join us, we are seeing them, players who have come on loan and have done very well in other clubs and who will surely be able to contribute things to us. close to see all the possibilities. “

Before entering they must leave

“All in good time, we are going to see the resources we have, first of all, because we don’t know later what may or may not come. We cannot get rid of players who may be in need of them because you have not been able to sign. We must be patient and also wait for the coach, what he is seeing, the players who start again, who come with new spirits, with new perspectives and we will see how events go, little by little, with patience “.

Guido’s great America’s Cup

“Guido is doing very well, he is having a great campaign, and like his team, a great America’s Cup, which reflects the great season he has had. It is a pleasure to have players with his teams, some participating more than others. Paul , who also left, Miranda, Lainez, Claudio, for us it is very important, also in the lower teams of Spain we will try to add as much as possible because that is what will give the club the maximum identity. We know that when the national team matches arrive at Betis there are always 10 or 12 players who usually go and that also shows the level of the club at the player level “.

Good temperature to work in Switzerland

“We have spectacular views, there is rain, it is cold, but we also have to suffer, it is not that everything is magnificent and that the players from the first day of training see that it has been a little suffering with so many liters of water on us. they expect a few days of a lot of rain, but we will be fine, happy, and let’s see if we can all get things to go well “.

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