Cordón: “We have to sell yes or yes, as long as that does not occur we cannot move forward”

During the presentation of Rui Silva as a new Betis player, the president of the Verdiblanco club, Ángel Haro, and its general sports director, Antonio Cordón, have answered several questions related to the transfer market, on stand-by by the salary limit of LaLiga and that cannot be reactivated until there are sales.

“It is true that we would like to reinforce some position, but we must take into account the limitations we have regarding the limit of The league. Until the chip and limit are released, we will not be able to bring in new players, “acknowledged the president of the Verdiblanco club. A brake on the incorporations that, according to Haro, should not be a problem to register Rui Silva: “In principle we have three goalkeepers and they have to compete for a position. You have to wait until the end of the market because there may be some other movement, but in principle there should be no problem in that sense.”

Cordón: “We have to sell yes or yes, as long as that does not occur we cannot move forward”Real Betis

In this same sense, the sports general director stated: “With regard to being able to make signings we are waiting, there is still a lot of time, we have to see how the accounts balance, this happens in all the clubs, but the work of the professionals of the Betis and of the Board of Directors is done, but we have to wait to know the margins that authorize us The league with possible sales and exits. Until that happens, we cannot advance towards where we have our objectives or our objective, we cannot advance. We still have a month and a half left, which is going to be a lot of fun. “

Antonio Cordón also answered several more questions about the current situation of his team:

Changes for the ‘stage’ of England

“Guido and Claudio are still left a margin because they have finished their competitions later and they had to quarantine when they got home, they will join Marbella”

Offers by Rui Silva

“Many clubs would be looking forward to having Rui Silva make this presentation. It has been an incredible job by the Betis professionals and it is to get a medal at the club because he was a highly valued goalkeeper. We are going to save it and enjoy it.”

Homegrown progress

“Not only the homegrown players, it was also very important to adapt Camarasa, who is going to be one of our main signings this season. And the boys, when the preseason starts, fly. They are younger and it seems that, to a certain extent, the who are more veterans are gradually gaining the rhythm, while the young people arrive and pass you by. They arrive with desire, with strength, we believe that there is a very important future for young people at Betis and in the coming years we will be able to show off to have them in the first team. Let’s hope that this flow does not decline because with the economic situation of football and the crisis, if you don’t have those possibilities, it would be a real drama. At Betis we have those possibilities that we will see if little by little we go adding up”.

How many reinforcements has Pellegrini requested

“It is not just Pellegrini, it is the Board and it is the club, we are not two people, it is a team effort and it is Betis. A central defender left, he was one of the captains, and it is an important part that we have to resolve. We have a clear profile, the work is done, but until we are allowed to open a gap we cannot continue. We have to sell yes or yes, we already know, there must be some way out, and as long as that does not occur we cannot advance. It is not a problem that we cannot find the player, he is found, we have to be patient and see how the market evolves. The Spanish League is one of those that are spending the least and where fewer movements are taking place, it is not just us ” .

Are there offers for players on the squad?

“The market, more than offers, there are many questions, it is moving little by little, the clubs are positioning themselves. Betis has very interesting players for the clubs in Europe. Currently official offers to close we do not have any.”

Situation of Álex Moreno and Sidnei

“They are working with the group, they are calm in the day to day and in principle they are two players that we have them for the current squad.

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