Correa: “I was about to leave Atlético and they told me ‘look, you’re Atlético’s 10th”


Chen the calm that has passed since Atlético won the league title, Ángel Correa reviewed the season, his career as a mattress maker and the last match of the campaign on Radio La Red de Argentina. The rojiblanco 10 spoke of Simeone, his changes in position or the options he had to leave Atlético.

Simeone and his changes of position: “He knows where I like to play. But I’m never going to give him a problem if he wants to put me at ‘8’ or ‘4’, he knows it too. In previous years he wanted to play in my position, which was more of a forward, that I was not giving, I saw that the years passed and that my situation did not change. These are the moments in which one thinks. As a forward is where I feel more free, behind a ‘9’, where I think I do more damage . It took me a lot to adapt to playing right inside, my twins were cramping … Wanda is great to run for the band “.

Option to leave Atlético: “I have a very good relationship with Cholo but when the Milan thing was about to be done, he didn’t get into anything. He said that if I stayed everything was fine and that if I left everything was fine. I was about to leave Atlético and I They said ‘look, you’re the 10th for Atlético, you live in Spain, in Madrid … but you get warm and want to play. “

Arrival of Luis Suárez: “We were very lucky that Suárez came from Barcelona, ​​he could have gone to any club, he came to compete with all his humility, he helped us a lot with his goals, on a day-to-day basis. He is an incredible person.”

Play for Atlético: “The Metropolitano is impressive, I was also lucky enough to play at the Calderón. It is the only court where I felt that it approached what the court is in Argentina.”

Relationship with Simeone: “Simeone is a bore, (laughs) He knows it and recognizes it. He always prepares us to win and shows me the way.”

Goal against Valladolid: “I am good at shooting like that, when we do small games I try. And Simeone always told me, not to think about it if he gave her a ‘puntín”.

Play for Atlético: “In San Lorenzo I used to have fun, at Atlético you understand football, you learn to play more as a team, what do you need for a league as demanding as the Spanish one. I learned to play as a team here.” I arrived in 2014, later of the Libertadores with San Lorenzo. I had heart surgery. El Cholo knows me a lot, I’ve been working with him for many years. I’ve grown a lot since I’ve been here. “

Match against Valladolid: “My goal came at just the right moment because the world was upon us, the effort of the whole year. Losing like this … Luckily that point came in to tie and Suárez’s goal to win the championship.”

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