Correa returns where he had gone

ANDran the first 45 minutes for Koke and Marcos Llorente after joining work a little over a week ago, Hector Herrera He made him rub his eyes at the one who at dawn last Monday saw him receive the title of best player in the Gold Cup after losing the final against the United States … However, the one who would once again make it clear that Neither the Copa América, nor his late return nor the holidays make a dent in his performance is Correa.

The scorer who scored the goal that would be worth the league title in Valladolid I would hardly need 32 minutes of play to show that he does not need much more to be lethal. His lack of training had led Giuliano to remain in the eleven despite the fact that in the last session he came to try as a starter. Now, after his appearance against Feyenoord there is no doubt that Angelito is ready to go into action.

So things, with a Luis Suárez who will arrive very right to the appointment next Sunday against Celta, Correa has already earned his place to start in the first official eleven that Simeone ranks in the defense of the championship. It should be remembered that the nine goals that the Argentine scored during the last league season Not only did they represent his personal record, but they also served to keep Atlético alive in the moments in which it experienced the most difficulties during the season. In case there were any doubts, the 10 would once again show that you always have to count on him.

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