Correa will be number ‘9’ again

MWhile the arrival of one more attacker to the red-and-white squad is being resolved, Ángel Correa has decided to throw Atlético’s offensive weight on his small backs. Since that night in Seville in front of Betis where, prisoner of fatigue, he marched twice in the last minutes, the famous Cholo hug came to one of his franchise players. Well, since then, good old Correa has scored seven goals in nine games. The same ones that he had written down in the previous 63. Closer and closer to the area and away from the band, the one from Rosario has reached figures that in LaLiga only Messi could support him until his departure to PSG.

The Argentine, who has just scored a double in the league debut, will once again form an attacking pair with Carrasco. Already in Vigo both players formed a partnership And despite Correa’s slow training pace, it must be remembered that, after proclaiming himself the Copa América champion, he was one of the last players to arrive on vacation, they performed at a high level. The presence of Correa on the inside, together with Carrasco’s unchecking on the outside, generated a multitude of dangerous situations for Simeone’s men. For this reason, the rojiblanco coach will repeat a couple and can rest easy keeping Luis Suárez’s bullet on the bench.

With Joao Félix recovering from his ankle operation and Luis Suárez entering competition rhythm, Atlético has found in Correa the perfect striker to support the team. His goals at the end of last year were already decisive to lift the league title. Now with a start to the season full of traps, the effectiveness that the Argentine has found could be key to saving the first three games until the national team break. With Correa on a streak, Atlético already have the longed-for ‘9’.

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