Correa wins the non-transferable poster


Que the life of Angel Correa It is a roller coaster, it is verified by reviewing everything that has happened to the Argentine since he was just a child who dreamed of a ball. Life hit him with tragedies that leave scars but on the 10th he has been haggling all of them until he achieved his goal of succeeding in football.

His goal against him ValladolidKey to the title, it is the high point of a career that has undergone a 180 degree turn in just two years. Those who have passed since it was sold to the Milan to be able to sign the then Valencian player Rodrigo. The Italians did not comply with the agreement and on the 10th he had to stay at rojiblanco seeing how an improvement in his contract slipped through his fingers and a promise to be one of the team’s benchmarks, which has cost him so much in the Athletics.

Until this course. Where its explosion has been decisive for the championship. He beat the race Joao Felix, it is said soon, to be the dance partner of Luis Suarez on point. He dressed as a 9 when the Uruguayan was injured and was essential to win The league. All this, in a cocktail shaker, has sparked the interest of some of the greats of European football.

An interest, there was talk of the Juventus but Athletics denies interest in Dybala, who will run into the non-transferable poster for a player who was going to be transferred to the Milan and now it has gained further consideration. A new status conquered, like everything in the life of Angel, with his dedication to the green and his willpower to never sink. If it falls, the tip always rises.

Juventus and AtletiIn any case, they could continue talking about possible footballers for a market that will once again be austere due to the economic conditions of all the clubs. In addition, the final decision with Morata. The international forward is on loan at Turin, the Athletic does not think about his return but the Juve You must decide whether to pay the 10 kilos of a new transfer or to keep the player in property. While the doubt is resolved, strap it does not move according to the red and white sources.

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