Coudet has no left back

ANDn Celta, as of today, there is a position in the squad without any cash on the payroll. It is the left side, a position for which Eduardo Coudet It does not have a single footballer. The cut of the contract Juncà and the termination of the assignment of Aaron Martin leaves without members the left-handed profile of the Celtic defense. The player who currently best adapts to the position and which the Argentine coach has is the youth squad Jose Fontan, which this year will make the leap to the first team. He can adapt to this position and has played in it.

Although the one that the coach and the club really have to be the starting left-back next season is again with Aaron Martin. Celta works for Mainz to extend the loan, since it will not pay the seven million purchase option that they had agreed with the German club last Christmas. The fact that Aaron Martin reiterated your desire to continue in Vigo and the fact that the German club does not count on him in sports, makes the Celtic leaders optimistic about his continuity.

If this operation is closed, Celta is not currently contemplating signing a substitute for the former Espanyolista. Said Fontan, look towards the quarry or the change of position of another defender, as an emergency measure, would be the options to replace Aaron Martin, in the event that you can continue in Vigo.

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