Coudet: “I don’t have the objective of using Celta to go anywhere”

The coach celebrates the mathematical salvation of his team and hopes to continue at the helm of the blue bench

ANDl Celtic scored three points against I raised that are worth a mathematical permanence and a ticket to continue dreaming. It is ranked ninth with 44 points, just five behind in Europe. Eduardo Coudet valued the achievement of the objective at the conclusion of the meeting.

“It is the main thing and what we wanted from the beginning, the first objective, a season in which the Celta fan did not suffer, and that makes me happy. Now it’s time to try to enjoy, at least a couple of days, this that the players have achieved, which is totally their merit. It is very difficult to be where we are coming from where we come from. To have 44 points coming from the last position. It is worthy of them. Now we aim for two days off and on Monday start one great week. “

“I think we had the clearest chances. They are the sensations that I have. It seems to me that we were just deserving, We knew that we were facing a team that was going to propose, that was going to try, with a coach with a clear idea. We pay a big cost for the three points for the losses that we can have next week. But we have to try to enjoy today, my only satisfaction is having reached the main objective, but in your head you are already starting to think about the casualties and how to complete the squad. It was a tough game and three important points, we win again at home, we become strong at home, and that for me is more than important, “he said. Coudet.

We pay a large cost for the three points for the losses that we can have next week

The negative point of the match against Levante are the injuries: “We are going to have a difficult time completing the group, but these are difficulties that arise. Surely Murillo and Tapia have complications, felt the discomfort; what of Iago and Aidoo it does not seem serious, “said the Chacho, which clarified that the change of Aidoo at halftime he also responded to some discomfort suffered by the player: “Aidoo’s change was physical, he warned us in minute 28 and we tried to hold him until halftime. He could do it, that’s why I don’t think it’s serious, it’s about a contracture. Regarding the changes in the eleven, we adapt to what they put in front of us, I knew that the I raised I was going to hold an idea of ​​taking risk. They are not giving them the results but the idea of ​​their coach is seen, he has respect for the ball “.

In the next league round, Celta will face Villarreal, who is five points behind and currently occupies the coveted seventh place: “We are going to face a great team at home, regardless of whether Europe is going to play, they have a great squad. That is the reality too. We have a great week ahead of us to try to arrive in the best way and stay with the three points. It will not be the exception, it will not be the first week that we have difficulties. We are going to try, but I can’t tell you what I think about the last day before thinking about preparing a very difficult match against Villarreal “.

I would like to do a long-term project in Vigo, I said it since my arrival

The coach also took the opportunity to clarify his statements in the preview of the meeting in relation to his future: “Sometimes I speak as if I were having a coffee, then it is interpreted as each one wants. I’m fine here, I’m comfortable. We are all on the same page, I speak daily with those who make the last decisions, which are Antonio and the president. I see it involved. I want to know his thinking and he tells me. I am very happy here. My intention was not to generate any doubt. If I repeat that I would like to do a long-term project, I said it from my arrival. My goal is not to use Celta to go anywhere, I am fine here and I want to stay for a long time. Later, this is football, maybe I lose all the games and I have to go, but now I see a dynamic in which I feel good. The requirement will lead us to be better. I arrived, I have a contract, I have a clause, but above all that, there are my words of respect for the club. Any decision will be made by the club with me. Any team comes tomorrow, and they have to talk to Celta. I’m happy here and hopefully I can stay a long time, “he concluded.

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