Coudet: “We will try to make people feel excited and reflected with the team”

Eduardo Coudet Y Carlos Mouriño signed the new contract of the Argentine coach until June 2024. The Celtic president said: “We are very excited. This event is a prize. I have always said that I love the English model, in which the coaches have a long life in the teams Unfortunately I have not succeeded until today when a coach signs for a longer time as Celta coach. Three years in which we seek stability. After the enormous effort that both parties have made, we will also demand results and achieve great goals. “

A success

The club owner considers that Coudet’s arrival was a great success, at the time: “We sensed that he was the coach we were looking for. It was a success and that is why we are renewing this contract. We believe that it will give many satisfactions and a lot of work together to try to find results. We want to go all outThis does not mean that we can achieve the great objectives but we will go out to fight them. “

While, Eduardo Coudet He was very satisfied: “I am grateful and happy. I will try to form a project in a long time and work together, as we have been doing, and try to allow people to see that work and feel excited and reflected.”

Coudet (46) during his renewal as Celta coach.
Coudet (46) during his renewal as Celta coach.Celtic.

His roadmap will not change: “The first objective will be, that will not change, prepare to win the first game. The main thing is that we have a very good base of players, identified with the club and the city and with these colors. That is essential. We know that we are going to have the same budget and we will try, together, to do the best possible to arm ourselves in the best way. We will try to form a team in which the fundamental word will be commitment. “

The squad for next season

He is already working on the preparation of the squad for next season: “We will go looking and seeing what is the best but we have already been working together and anticipating what the market is a bit because we have to do it with respect to teams with another power. We must be smart and resourceful. ” One of them, as the president recognized again Carlos Mouriño, it is Franco Cervi, within the four or five that the club says to look for.

Coudet was also questioned about the absence of Iago Aspas in the selection”. It was a bit sad for me. He was very excited. We will try to accompany him and work and think that there is one year left until the World Cup. It will be a challenge for him and for a team of very good players like ours. “Theory he also defended Carlos Mouriño.

In turn, the president Carlos Mouriño also confirmed the information from MARCA that he would like Nolito to retire at Celta and that when he did, he continued to be linked to the club.

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