Cucurella: “I am very comfortable at Getafe, I will continue here”

The winger of the azulón team attends to MARCA after achieving the goal of permanence with a Getafe that has suffered more than necessary

Marc Cucurella is one of the most important names in the Getafe squad. Alella’s attends MARCA once the goal of permanence has been achieved. It has been a difficult year at the Coliseum, the absence of fans has taken its toll more than other teams. Now, with the goal accomplished, Cucu talks about his future, the season or his role as an international.

What does the dressing room feel after being saved?
Answer. Satisfaction above all, it has been a very hard year, it has cost us a lot. We wanted to have another goal, but we were down. And getting permanence with a margin match and without risking it on the last day was a relief.
What went through your head when Kubo scored the winning goal?
I had never celebrated a goal so much, these weeks it had never happened to me. It has been very hard, being pending all day, since the morning I had a stomach ache, it was the nerves, you play a lot, you lose a lot of things. It’s a stain on your resume and getting the tenure was a wonderful thing.
Did the team notice the lack of public so much?
Yes, in the end we liked it, it gave us a plus. We are a team of waves, having moments of games, we push a lot … People help us. And in the visiting fields, knowing that we had the public against us made us more alive, but there is no excuse.
Are you optimistic about the return of the public?
Yes I think so. These last days people have started to come in, for next season it would be good, little by little, for it to resume.
How was the feeling at the reception?
Spectacular, it was not the first game, there are already some more who have come. Then we went into the locker room and said we would pray that all those people could come in. Together we get it.
Have you noticed so much the absence of the stands?
In the end, yes, you realize that not only we, our families and the people of Getafe make you get a bonus in the field.
Do you think that salvation could have been achieved earlier?
I think we could always have done it much earlier, we made small mistakes. We have been less successful and we did not forgive that before. Because of us, we have had to suffer. In the end it will serve us for the next few years. Try to serve as learning.
They have to meet Jorge Molina …
It will be good to see him again, we hope he is calm and does not get too hung up on us (laughs).
Will you continue at Getafe next year?
Yes, it is clear. I’m super happy here, my family too, sure yes, we are very comfortable.
Did you trust that you could be in the Euro with the senior team?
Well, in the end it is very difficult, I had the thorn when I went and I would have liked to have a few minutes. I have the European Under 21 and if there is the prize of that call, welcome.
What would it mean to be in an Olympic Games?
Yes, it is a unique thing in life, you can only live once, that your generation touches it is something beautiful.

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