Cupcakes from the heart


Encarnación visits his team and encourages the Azulón dressing room to give him the last breath of the year

Encarnacion is Getafe. And Getafe is Encarnacion. The one without the other. The other without one. It hurt. And they missed each other. The Coliseum has not been the same without her and the rest of the fans. But neither she nor the others have been the same without sitting in her chair.

Encarnación and its muffins: pure love for its Getafe

The most famous fan of Getafe thanks to ‘The Day After’ of Movistar + has become popular for the muffins and the love for her soul team

In recent days Spain has been able to see how the good of Encarnacion spends them. Cheers, honey … and cupcakes. Spain knew her. But Getafe already knew what this fan who represents all the people was capable of. And this Friday he had the privilege of being able to give the last breath to the men of José Bordalás.

Already vaccinated against Covid-19, this follower has ‘sneaked in’ in the training and the preparatory session of the clash against Granada and has encouraged to those of José Bordalás, to whom he has also distributed his famous muffins. They have awarded him with a shirt with the 12 of the fans on his back in a day that Encarnación will never forget.

This is another of the stories left by this pandemic that has emptied the professional football stadiums that has caused so much pain for all the ‘Incarnations’ of Getafe, Bilbao, Granada and all the places in Spain that have not been able to enjoy the relief after a hard week of sitting down and enjoying yourselves and yours. I already Jaime Mata warned after the term and the culmination of the stay last Sunday. “Encarnación, we’ll see you inside next year.”

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