Dani García: “People think that since we earn money they can tell us about everything”

Fformed in the lower categories of the Real society, six seasons in the Eibar and, for four years, in the ranks of the Athletic club. The story of Dani Garcia is the history of football in the Basque Country. This morning, change Euskadi by Madrid and goes through the microphones of BRAND Radio to talk about the start of the rojiblancos season and various other topics.

Footballer and drums: “It started as a joke, and now it is serious. We are happy with this. It helps us to forget about the world of football and we are very happy. People give us more ball for being players. Villalibre likes to be calmer, but the rest of us are together all day. When we upload a song, we first look at social networks, in case something goes wrong. “

Athletic season start: “In preseason we have been very good, and you can see in the results. It is only the beginning, but we are very excited. We still have room for improvement and we are going to have a great year. We set out to arrive well in preseason and show it every weekend “.

Marcelino: “He did not tell us exactly how to start. We gladly take all the demands he asks of us.”

Match against Atlético de Madrid: “They are a great team. I do not care if they tied against Porto, they are winners and it will be a good and beautiful test. We will go for the three points. It is the best squad without a doubt. You go to the Metropolitan and you start well, but then one their action and you look stupid, it has already happened to us more times. “

Party approach: “Atlético can play you whatever they want. Many times they are locked up and suddenly a counter kills you. We have to focus on having a clean sheet and playing a great game against them.”

Íñigo Martínez: “People believe that as we earn money they can tell us everything. We have to be strong and endure. We know the world we live in. It is good that they know how we feel. Everyone has bad times.

RRSS: “In RRSS you are going to find profiles in which neither the face nor the name is seen and they tell you nonsensical things. Being beaten in that sense does not help anything and I do not understand that style of rrss that is carried out now. No I read the networks and that’s it. Even if I play well, there will be people who tell you otherwise. I don’t care. “

Challenge: “We are ambitious and we will fight to be in Europe.”

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