Daniel Wass’s roller coaster ends at the World Cup

ANDl case of Daniel Wass is singular. Difficult to find in the world of professional football. The veteran Danish player (32) ends his contract with Valencia in June 2022. Let’s go He has months left as a black and white player. This summer it seemed that he had decided to leave. In fact, he himself commented that he had spoken with his family and that the decision would be with his wife and children.

He had the option of going to Marseilles, where Longoria He was waiting for him with open arms, and he was also close to returning to his country, closer to his family. But in the end, the club did not want to negotiate and the player decided to fulfill his last year of contract. It did not seem like the best wrapper to perform, but Wass is of another pasta.

Bordalás It was quite clear to him and in the absence of the signing of a midfielder, who demanded from the first day, he gave command to the Danish … and his performance has been outstanding. Undisputed starter, he has been in all league games, he has become a pillar for the new coach.

Obviously, his performance has led him to be a fixture in his selection and during this selection break has led Denmark to be a World Cup team. The second to achieve the direct square for Qatar 2022. Valencia wants to renew him, but the first offer that was made to him was downward and the player It gives the feeling that he will finish his cycle in Spain when the season ends.

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